Fintiri’s Only Achievements Are sacking of workers, dissolving of boards and removing heads of agencies-Group


    Ibrahim Luka, chairman, Adamawa first initiatives, on Monday criticised Gov. Umaru Ahmadu Fintiri over the alleged achievements of his administration in the past nine months in government.

    Luka said the only achievements of Fintiri’s government are sacking of innocent workers hiding under due process, removing of heads of agencies and setting up visitation panel to hound down heads of any institutions he feels are his enemies.

    The chairman, who said that he would submit himself for mental check-up if anyone claim that Fintiri is performing as governor of Adamawa”.

    Luka, in a statement by his Media Adviser, Pwanovi Silas, said, “Except the Governor made a vow to impoverish Adamawa people, it is hard to see how he could have fulfilled his promises with such pervasive poverty and hunger in the state.

    “But the most blatant insult from the governor was his assertion at recent gathering in Numan where he claims to be working for the people of Adamawa state’. It was most insensitive of the governor to have said such when about 10,000 workers were sacked for no sins of theirs.

    “it is getting to one year now Fintiri cannot point to anything has started and finish since his assumption of office” sacking of the 10,000 is just a tips of an ice berg, very soon he will commence sacking of heads of agency, it is not coincidence that same Fintiri had over 3000 workers employed by Nyako fired in 2014 when he took over as acting governor, same thing is playing out now”.

    “Faced with such delusions and obvious denial of reality by Gov. Fintiri, it has become expedient to revisit the demand by civil society organisations that Fintiri should reveal how much he collected from FAAC since assumption of office and the total salary bill of Adamawa state.

    “For the umpteenth time, we call on Gov. Fintiri to disclose the salary bill of state since he has fired half of the state worker force and still complain of non-performance due to repayment of loans.

    “Fintiri should be reminded that civil servants in Adamawa are just 10 per cent of total voting population, what can he said he has done for the electorates that are not civil servants? Even the so called welfare of the civil servants been touted by the governor is a hoax as promotion arrears is still pending, minimum wage payment is paid in piece meal”. Luka opined



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