SPECIAL REPORT: Despite failing to fund Adamawa state owned tertiary institutions, Fintiri plan to bankrupt it with his plan to introduce Treasury Single Account


    “since the inception of this present administration of Fintiri, our hope of funding tertiary institutions by the governor is fading day by day, as I speak to you now, all state owned tertiary institutions in Adamawa lack funding, nothing has change, almost all state owned institutions struggle hard to make expenses without adequate funding from the state government, now the Fintiri led government want to take the school fees use to augment the peanut we are getting from the state government.

    A staff of one of the state owned tertiary institutions, who refused to give his name, claimed the plan by the governor to introduce TSA will finally kill all the institutions owned by the Adamawa state government in no distance time.

    “We thought the plan policy of TSA will be implemented when the state government commence funding of all state tertiary institution. For instance provision of handbook, students ID cards, examination booklets, stationeries, maintenance/repairs, drugs for school clinics, students excursions, and payment of part time lecturers will be hinder if the state government decide to implement TSA without adequate provision for all this things I listed or Fintiri wants a situation where heads of tertiary institution will write to the state government to demand money needed to carry day to day activities of state owned tertiary institutions.

    A week-long investigation by THE FINDER across the state owned institutions in Adamawa, revealed that most of the state owned institutions survived on school fees collected from students to pay internal security, prints examination booklets, buy diesel, print handbooks and also payment of part time lecturers, our investigation also revealed that most of the heads of state owned tertiary in Adamawa has to run to the governor if the plan TSA come into effect.

    Our investigation also revealed that while the policy might have stop the favourable learning environment provided for learning through help coming into the institutions from TETFUND and school fees revenue.

    A staff of Adamawa state ministry for higher education told THE FINDER that he wonder why Fintiri will plan to implement TSA policies haven reneged on his promise to fund all the state owned tertiary institution of Adamawa, if the school management want to carry out any expenses they have to report to a man that failed to fund the institutions or the management have to convince the state government before releasing funds for thing like buying of diesel or printing of examination booklets or payment of visiting lecturers.

    THE FINDER could not ascertain how Fintiri led state government that reneged on his several promise to fund education plan to implement the proposed TSA, but it is evident that the action of the state government on the plan implementation of TSA will bring all the state owned tertiary institutions to her knees as state government led by Fintiri will be dictating to heads of all the state owned tertiary institutions on how to spend funds they generated through payment of schools fees without adequate funding from the state government.



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