After one year in Dougirei Government House, Fintiri starts second year in office with another round of promises again.

Throughout his meteoric political rise, Fintiri seemed to defy gravity by dismissing, ignoring and denying reports of lack of fulfilling most of the promises he made as the governor of Adamawa state a year ago. Often he would respond to questions about falsehoods with even more falsehoods.

But now, after one year he entered the Dougirei government House, Fintiri’s lies appear to be catching up to him, as he visit Numan general hospital, Numan to make another round of promise to renovate the state owned health facility, despite not fulfilling the promise to renovate and reequipped specialist hospital yola.

In the policy realm, too, false statements by Fintiri have begun to lead to consequences. Earlier this month, for example, Fintiri claimed that he has paid ten billion naira for UBE counterpart funding to facilitate the renovation of five thousand schools in Adamawa and also claimed his administration is giving education priority and that he had worked out an “an incredible deal” on education.

Within a day, the Fintiri led state government had to back away from that claim, contributing to a sharp decline in the funding of all the state owned tertiary institutions.

Fintiri’s unexpected victory over Bindow only heightened his sense that he can bluster his way through trouble without facing legal or political blowback, associates say.

Fintiri learned exactly the wrong lesson from winning that election, said one former administration official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “He became even more convinced that his approach had been right.

Since taking office, THE FINDER fact checkers have tallied roughly 2,500 false claims by Fintiri.

But whatever the business and political worlds’ tolerance for falsehoods, the legal system is much less forgiving. So far, most of Fintir’s aides, including his SSG, Bashir Ahmad, have all been exposed for lying about the governor’s achievements.

Fintiri is loath to admit any fault when forced to confront his previous false statements. Instead he responds like a retreating army that refuses to surrender. Forced out of one foxhole, he’s fallen back to another, only to reposition again and again.

No scenario has illustrated Fintiri’s strategy — and its limitations — better than his approach to disclosures that 10 billion naira was paid to UBEC for grants less than the amount the governor claim to have paid.

Fintiri claim that he paid ten billion naira to UBEC, whereas according to records from UBEC, the highest any state can get as disbarment per year is 1.4 billion, the claim by the governor that he paid ten billion naira as counterpart funding for amounts that is about 8 billion naira even it is for five years is inaccurate as the counterpart funding cannot be greater than the entire disbursement.


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