Fintiri, the promise-maker

One of Governor Fintiri’s under-appreciated election assets is something all politicians promise but few do: He has largely failed to do precisely what he promised his base he would do.

These are the huge promises Fintiri hasn’t kept:

  • He promised in a 2019 interview, with the press, to wipe out insecurity within three months in office. Instead insecurity has become the order of the day, as Shila boys and kidnapping for ransom has become a lucrative business in Adamawa now.
  • He promised to build the fence of GSS, Gombe, but inflates the mileage he claims by mixing replacement projects with new construction.
  • He promised to connect Toungo local government to national grid within six months in office, but of course it hasn’t.
  • He promised to make civil servants welfare his priority and also to pay minimum wage to every workers. Failed on both scores.
  • He promised to build 2000 housing units for civil servants. Instead, the recently contract tender published by the state government shows only 1000 housing units in the advert.
  • Fintiri, Numan general hospital to make another round of promises without fulfilling the older promise of rebuilding the hospital in Yola.”
  • Fintiri promised to build flyover in Yola, which also has gone into drain pipe again.
  • Fintiri also failed in the promise to convert college for legal studies to ADSU law faculty.
  • Other areas where reality has fallen short: infrastructure (“We will build gleaming new roads, bridges, highways, aross our land”) and ending the opioid crisis.
  • Perhaps Finitiri’s most absurd broken promise: to drain the swamp. Instead, he brought Adamawa to ridicule as most of his colleagues are commissioning projects only for Fintiri to continue touring schools showing the dilapidated nature of abandoned infrastructure, making fresh promises without fulfilling the old ones.

What’s next: Watch for Fintiri to argue that unfulfilled promises are the fault of others.


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