Defection: Fintiri dancing on the graves of those killed in Lamurde crisis, says Sen. Abbo

The senator representing Adamawa north, Senator Ishaku Abbo has described as insensitive and callous the decision of Governor Ahmadu Fintiri  to attend political event of receiving decamped members of other political party in Adamawa state few day after hundreds of people were killed and many injured in a communal clash in Lamurde local government of the state.


The Senator accused the Governor of dancing on the graves of the people as well as of all the victims of  Shilla boys massacre and kidnapping.

Since this governor has chosen to celebrate a state tragedy, Adamawa electorates should also be ready to celebrate his electoral failure next election,

” At the time Lamurde is mourning with over 2,800 IDPs

At the time Guyuk is mourning with over 3,000 IDPs

At the time Shila boys are having field day

At the time Madagali was attacked

At the time we are facing kidnappers

At the time we are still battling Corona

Nigeria’s most docile Governor is talking about decamping

What have we done wrong as a people?

Is politics all that matters?

Can someone tell Fintiri to please leave politics for now and give us good Governance? Or does he think the ethno – religious card he played in 2019 will work again?

You will hear from us.

Reacting, the chairman, Adamawa first initiative, Ibrahim said, the three local government of the Numan federation  of Adamawa, are in danger of being overrun by communal clashes and over 2000 Adamawa residents are internally displaced in those local governments by communal clashes. Yet, Governor Fintiri says he puts Adamawa first. Lies have never worn a bolder face. The truth is that for Governor Fintiri, it is Fintiri first, Fintiri second, Fintiri third, Fintiri always.”

It further said: “By his latest act of blatant hardheartedness, Governor Fintiri is only continuing along his well-trodden path of acting without deep introspection.

”This governor has therefore established a pattern of putting his political interest above the security and welfare of Adamawa citizens who voted him into office. This governor has trampled upon the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria which makes the security and welfare of the citizenry the reason of the government’s existence. It is time for Adamawa voters to respond in kind by trampling on his political ambition and sending him back to Madagali.”

The group wondered what purpose the security pass mark Fintiri’s government gave herself was serving when about 70 were killed and more than 100 maimed within a week in two separate attacks targeting Adamawa voters, adding,”the security pass mark the administration of Fintiri is mouthing will remain a mere tokenism until the fundamental problem of communal clash, shila boys activities which has claimed hundreds of lives, is conclusively addressed. Mr. Governor, what Adamawa residents want is not self-aggrandisement, but a Safe Adamawa Initiative.”

The group said it was usually the practice for leaders who seek re-election to tout the achievements that would justify their return, arguing, “that in the case of Governor Fintiri, there had been nothing but blood, tears, sorrow and the gnashing of teeth by Adamawa residents since he assumed office, hence he had nothing to showcase but lies.”

It wondered how the governor could even ask Adamawa residents  to re-elect him come 2023 when he had wasted the mandate given to him in the first instance, adding that nothing showed the governor’s incompetence and cluelessness more than the failure of his administration to provide security for the citizenry.

”This is undoubtedly Governor Fintiri’s biggest and most fundamental failure. At times it goes beyond incompetence to perhaps even collusion, or how else does one explain that the rate and intensity of attacks have increased in the three local government of Adamawa under a government that promised the people security?” it queried.

”Instead of asking Adamawa voters to vote for him again in 2023, Governor Fintiri should be apologising to Adamawa people for wasting their mandate and explaining why, since his administration has increased security spending;  issued propaganda claiming the capture operational base of the Shila “Sambisa” , destruction of Shila boya camps, and countless assurances of improving security and winning the battle against Kidnapping, the empirical realities over the same period are that kidnapping and communal clash has become more daring and audacious in its attacks.”

The Group alleged that instead of fresh air that the government promised Adamawa residents, he had delivered “fresh lies, with unprecedented corruption, runaway unemployment, erasure of hope,.

”Governor Fintiri and his supporters who turned up at the banquet hall on Wednesday to witness the so called defection of ADC members may have looked vibrant and happy. Indeed, they were, because they have come to celebrate your imminent departure from office on the strength of their votes. While saying publicly that they will support you, there is no doubt that they are saying to themselves, never again,” the group said.


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