Breaking News: Election expenses: Ishaku Abbo risk jail term for breaching electoral act.

Violators of section 91 of the Nigerian electoral act as amended risk jail term as specify in the penalty for offenders of the laws guiding elections in Nigeria.

Senator Ishaku Abbo, the senator representing Adamawa north  in  the Nigerian senate openly admitted to have spent over hundred million naira on election expenses in a viral video circulating on social media post via his facebook wall.

see video:

In accordance with section 91 of the electoral act as amended:


  1. (1) Election expenses shall not exceed the sum stipulated in subsections (2) – The maximum amount of election expenses to be incurred in respect of Senatorial seat by a candidate at an election to the National Assembly shall be N40,000,000 while the seat for House of Representatives shall be N20,000,000.


(10)A candidate who knowingly acts in contravention of this section commits an offence and on conviction is liable in the case of –

Senatorial election in the National Assembly election to a fine ofN600,000.00 or imprisonment for a term of 6 months or both;

The Finder cannot independently verified if Abbo, a lawmaker knows the gravity of his statement he made in a viral video concerning spending limit on election expenses.

Effort made by The Finder to get the reaction of INEC national publicity secretary and voters education, Oluwole Osaze Uzzi Esq proves abortive before press time.

more details soon….

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