Fintiri’s aide to Ishaku Abbo: “It is unfortunate you took your kindergarten mentality to the Nigerian senate to disgrace your constituents.

The director general media to Governor Fintiri of Adamawa state has berated the senator representing Adamawa North in the Nigerian Senate, Ishaku Abbo over alleged derogatory remarks on the person of His Excellency, Gov. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa state.

Mr. Kummangar was apparently reacting to the video of Abbo making unguarded utterance against Gov. Fintiri via a Facebook post on his verified Facebook page, @Ishaku Abbo, Kummangar wonder why someone with a kindergarten mentality like Ishaku Abbo will be allow to represent Adamawa north in the Nigerian senate.

Kummangar alleged that Abbo rode to power due to avoidable mistake of the opposition in 2019 and even within the PDP no person of note contested the primary election with Abbo as most of Adamawa bigwigs were in the then ruling APC.

He described attempts by Ishaku Abbo to deny media reports that he has no constituency projects as a ‘tissue of lies to cover up a horrendous anti-humanity statement”.

In a statement on Thursday, made available to the Media, the governor’s aide described Abbo’s outburst against the governor as a ‘monumental disgrace’ to the culture of the heritage and tradition of the people he was elected to serve.

Kummangar said that Abbo’s bitterness towards the governor is nothing but a smirk of his kindergarten mentality and childish act which lead him to attack a woman in a sex toy shop in a viral video circulating on social media, which he later apologised for his action, he challenged Abbo to show a single project he facilitated since he was given the opportunity to    serve the good people of Adamawa north in the upper chamber.

“Abbo should know that politically he is not on ground anywhere in Adamawa, his rumoured ambition to contest for the office of the Governor is a plot to save him from disgrace because he knows he can’t win any election again in Adamawa, so decided to manoeuvre his way to save his head from shame that awaits him should he decided to seek re-election.

Kummangar said that Abbo’s actions and behaviour amounts to selling off the good people of Adamawa north as he has nothing to show as senator not even a single project, the only projects we know to Abbo is throwing party and his enthusiasm towards standing next to women and also inviting his friends to Abuja to offer them a plate of rice as constituency project.

Kummangar asked Abbo to reverse the unguarded statements he made on the viral video circulating on social media, adding that if Abbo fails to do so, He will learn a very bitter lesson that he cannot take the people for granted”.

“The action of Abbo is at variance with Senators produce by Adamawa north since independence, the likes of Senator Paul Wampana, Muhammad Umana, Jibrilla Bindow has their footprints in the zone as Senators”.

“It is shameful that a Senator who claims to be a democrat can originate a policy to annihilate his own people, by brandishing a plate of rice as constituency project”.

” It shows clearly that going to school is not the same thing as having conscience or having wisdom”, he concluded.

In July 2019, he was at the center of a viral video scandal, after an exclusive report by Premium Times revealed a CCTV video of him assaulting a lady at an adult toy shop in Abuja.

In defense, Abbo claimed his sister was attacked in the shop, and he only went there to defend her from the abuse she had suffered, and the incident occurred before he was inaugurated as a senator of the federal of Nigeria on June 11, 2019.

An explanation which did not tally with the scenes played out in the Video. The Inspector General of the Nigeria Police ordered an investigation into the incident after a public outrage.

The senate also set up an investigative panel head by Senator Sam Egwu to do a thorough investigation in the incident and report back to the senate within two weeks.

At the first sitting of the panel a heated argument ensued between Senators Abbo and Oluremi Tinubu on the method to be adopted. Abbo had asked the panel to conduct its investigation off the camera since the case was already before a but Senator Tinubu object threatening to recommend the suspension of senator Abbo if he dictates to the panel investigating him.

The findings of the panel have not been made public. However, he tendered an apology before his arraignment in the magistrate court for criminal assault where he also pleaded not guilty.

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