Ishaku Abbo lacks the moral right to criticise Fintiri; as the 2004 incident between him and the Navy is the worst form of corruption –Group

The Secretary, Justice frontiers, Mapida Ikwurnyi yesterday faulted the Senator Representing Adamawa north in the Nigerian Senate, Ishaku Abbo’s Facebook post alleging that Fintiri looted 5 billion naira, saying the senator lacks the moral right to criticise Gov. Fintiri.


He also said it would be unfair for someone like Abbo that is morally deficient to open his mouth to criticise others in any form of corruption allegations.

Speaking in Abuja, at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Terminal Two ( NMA2), the CSO scribe warn Ishaku Abbo to bury his head in shame for being rejected in 2004 by the Nigerian Navy authorities and the what the Navy rejected him for has to do with life and death which is the worst form of corruption.

 “if at all anyone will criticise Fintiri it should not be Abbo, as a senator Abbo should tell the people what form of palliatives he has ever send to his people, all the senators in Nigeria empowers their constituency through empowerments, I challenge Abbo to show a single empowerment program he has organised to form the basis of him attacking the governor.

 “This fellow is hiding under the medical bill of a person to showcase his achievements’ which is not proper as empowering constituents is far better than taking up a medical bill of an individual.

 On the issue of corruption, I think Abbo has baggage of corruption hanging on his neck, as the recent court judgement is more indicting than anything secondly the reason he was rejected by the Navy 2004 is the worst form of corruption I have ever known or seen.

 I advise Abbo to keep shut or he will bring himself to ridicule, as he is currently enmeshed in corrupt activities, Abbo claimed that he used his personal money to fund projects in his constituency and that he will be publishing it, till date we are yet to see apart from the renovation of few classrooms through UBEC.


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