Fact check: Almost everything Mackondo has said in the plenary about Adamawa state Polytechnic is wrong

The Deputy Speaker, Adamawa State House of Assembly, Pwamwakeno Mackondo spent much of the year laying the groundwork for the strategy of concerted dishonesty he has deployed to create bad blood between Governor Fintiri and the Numan people.

First, he began falsely portraying TETFUND projects in the state-owned Polytechnic in Yola as rife with fraud. Second, he falsely claimed that courses were moved from Numan campus to the main campus in Yola.


Third, he falsely argued that there is something nefarious and even perhaps illegal about the standard practise of citing projects among three campuses of the Polytechnic by the management.


The dozens of ethnic bigotry-related lies of Mackondo had to debunk over and over and over by this news medium as it appeared to be in service of this current moment.


Pwamwakeno Mackondo launched his bigotry plan to cause bad blood between the governor and his people into action in the early hours of Friday morning, delivering a wildly inaccurate plenary address in which he baselessly alleged that the management of the state-owned Polytechnic hate the Numan people by what we can deduce from his statement before his colleague.

Almost everything Pwamwakeno Mackondo said for the rest of the day in the plenary was wrong.

Mackondo claims that “the law establishing the institution has not been amended to reflect the new status of Yola and Numan campuses and could not see reasons behind delisting of courses, saying something urgent must be done by the House to save the situation”.Bottom of Form

False. The management of the Polytechnic delisted no course from the Numan campus of the Polytechnic; all the courses offered in the Numan branch of the institution remain same till date.

Mackondo said that “it came to them as a surprise that all TETFUND projects meant for CABS Numan campus are all being directed to Yola Campus with a flimsy excuse that the land in Numan is not good for construction of structures, while some buildings inherited by the college were constructed over 45 years ago”.

Once more: entirely false. The Management of the Polytechnic moved No TETFUND project meant for Numan campus of the Polytechnic to Yola as investigation shows that the deputy lacks adequate knowledge on how TETFUND approve projects for a satellite campus of any of the institutions under it.

Nobody has ever claimed that the management relocated TETFUND Projects from Numan campus of the school due to crack as the new management building in Numan campus is a product of TETFUND; there was no evidence of courses delisted as alleged by mackondo.

Late on Friday afternoon, Mackondo tried an exceedingly feeble bit of deception: proclaiming that “CABS is the only fully operational campus in the whole southern zone which comprises 9 Local Government Areas, and that the education and economic importance of the institution in the area cannot be overemphasised”.

Mackondo has forgotten that no presence of the state-owned Polytechnic in the Northern region of the state is he claiming that Adamawa north lacks members in the House to also argue about citing another branch of the institution in Adamawa north?

There was no evidence anybody from the southern region of the state that works in the Polytechnic losing their job.

Mackondo cajoles his colleagues to participate in the debate during which he delivered a barrage of conspiratorial false statements. Mackondo’s comments were so absurd we are saving them for a separate fact check.

Dishonesty has been a defining feature of the Mackondo’s deputy speaker position from the start, and it was a central component of his ethnic bigotry campaign.


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