“Your tenure is the most fraudulent in EFCC history”, Fintiri’s aide, replies Nuhu Ribadu.

The Director-General media to Governor Fintiri of Adamawa state has called on a former chairman of the economic and financial crime commission, Nuhu Ribadu, to clear the air on issues surrounding the financial misappropriation allegations levelled against him by his predecessor, Farida Waziri.


Solomon Kumanger, the spoke’s man to the governor, made the call at Yola in reaction to Ribadu’s statement that Fintiri’s government is fraudulent.

Mr Solomon Kumanger said the call had become necessary since Ribadu’s predecessor in office had become major issues of discussion in the country.

He said the request was standard practice across the world, adding that the Fintiri’s administration was not in any way antagonising Mr Ribadu.

Kumanger maintained that the PDP in Adamawa and the governor was not making any allegation or accession, but that it was only asking Ribadu to clear the air on issues concerning corruption allegations levelled against him by Farida Waziri which had been under discussion for some time now.

“Our first inclination was to ignore Nuhu Ribadu since we know he is always obsessed with dropping people’s name into his script any time he needs public pity or political relevance. But, on second thought we should advise him to leave Gov. Fintiri out of his frustrations and face life.

“There should be a life after EFCC, and after serially been defeated in an election he contested. If after years of being removed as EFCC chairman, he is yet to move on with life, even after successive chairmen had occupied the same seat and moved on with their lives, then his problem may be psychogenic. He needs help elsewhere, certainly not from us.


“Nuhu is yet to face the reality that EFCC is a Federal Government agency and not a personal estate of anybody, years after, I find it compelling to remind him, otherwise one day he would wake up to blame Fintiri for his defeat in the 2011 presidential election and even his pathetic outing in the 2015 governorship election in Adamawa State despite the slush funds deployed to ensure his victory at the polls.


“I equally suspect that Nuhu may, sooner than later, blame Fintiri for his penchant to jump from one party to another party like a political prostitute; from the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) to PDP and now to All Progressives Congress (APC).

“It is his lust for power, inordinate ambition and desperation for political relevance that continues to push him to dine and wine, and even enjoy the wealth of those he had labelled as corrupt in yesteryears.

He can’t hold Fintiri responsible for his double face, lack of principle and complex contradictions in his character.


“There is also the need to remind Nuhu Ribadu that before he succumbs to another logorrhoea, he should avail himself a copy of the investigative report on the recovered asset during his tenure as EFCC chairman and use the opportunity of the next naming ceremony or birthday party he is invited to, to explain to Nigerians what happened to billions of funds and asset recovered from suspects under him, with no records or documentation.



“At this juncture, let me advise Nuhu Ribadu to stop being a weeping man. Garrulity does not heal frustration or depression. He may consider vying for a local government chairmanship or councillorship position to get b’ so that he can stop spewing falsehood, fables and lies to seek public sympathy and political relevance.”


“We would prefer that Nuhu Ribadu himself clears the air and tells Nigerians himself what happen to the billions of naira he recovered under his watch as EFCC chairman without a proper record as allege by Farida Waziri.


Mr Solomon Kumanger said that Nigerians and Adamawa residents deserved to know the truth before they would make their choice about who they wanted to vote for as their Governor come 2023.


“We are therefore constrained to urge him to prove to Nigerians that he is really as clean as a saint by clearing the air on Farida’s allegations against him,” he said.

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