2,154 Petitioners Demand Sacking Of Adamawa SSG, Bashir Ahmad over arrogance and incompetence

No fewer than 2,154 petitioners as of Saturday evening have signed a petition calling for the sacking of the secretary to the state government of Adamawa, Bashir Ahmad over arrogance and lack of putting the Fintiri administration on any policy direction over one year in office.

Most of the petitioners admonished Gov. Fintiri to summon most of his appointee and hear their encounter with the SSG and he will be surprised how his SSG threats people especially adults with disdain and how he sees people like a scavenger look for alms from him.

Bashir reportedly has no better relationship with anyone he comes across including 99 per cent of Fintiri’s appointees; every visitor to his office must narrate how he treated them like his kids or a commoner.

From the petition, it claimed that the SSG will surely ruin Fintiri’s government as those that visited his office complain about how he left a sour taste of openly ridiculing them.

A petition initiated by those Bashir Ahmad treated like a scavenger, on Saturday had alleged that most of the government functionaries and members of the public that visited Bashir Ahmad’s office suffer depression.

It also called on the Adamawa state Governor, Ahmadu Fintiri to sack Bashir Ahmad, while demanding a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

“This is a case of gross misconduct and an unjustifiable economic oppression by the SSG against the underprivileged in the society,” the petition, which has already garnered over “2, 154 signatures, reads.

“We don’t think the SSG has respect for the governor himself because if he does he won’t be treating people the way he is doing.”

The petitioners insist Awwal Tukur will be making a better SSG to Fintiri as Bashir Ahmad is on a verge ruining Fintiri’s administration as a result of incompetence.

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