Ishaku Abbo will be retiring from politics in 2023, as his scandalous lifestyle has come to hunt him; CAN scribe boast

A former president, Youth wing of Christian Association of Nigeria, Engr. Daniel Kadzai has denied involvement in all the reported scandal involving the Senator representing, Adamawa North in the Nigerian Senate, Ishaku Abbo.


The CAN scribe in a statement issued on Monday by his media aide, Emmanuel Paul said neither Bishop Mamza nor himself is responsible for all the scandalous lifestyle of Ishaku Abbo in the past and now.


Kadzai maintained that Ishaku Abbo’s entire life is shrouded in scandal as his first marriage with his late wife started in controversy and ended in controversy. The family vowed never to forgive him till date.


The statement read in part, “The attention of the ex YOWICAN president, Engr Daniel Kadzai has been drawn to the fabricated and sponsored propaganda peddled by one Bolgent who claim to be Abbo’s media aide, which we are aware that no statement has emanated from to Abbo to show truly he is Abbo’s media aide.


“We want to state categorically, and for record purposes that Ishaku Abbo has never given a dime to the ex YOWICAN President as reported in the social media, we challenge Abbo to show evidence of any financial assistance he has ever given to Engr. Kadzai as claimed by the self-appointed media aide of Ishaku Abbo.


“We have said it on numerous occasions that violence and lies are part of Ishaku Abbo’s lifestyle. On record that Abbo claimed to have funded PDP in Adamawa, a claimed the party chairman, A.T Shehu punctured and openly challenged Abbo to show proof, not only that he claimed to have spent fifty million to contest election which the whole world knows that Abbo has no working experience to amass such wealth.

“Kadzai ran unblemished YOWICAN for three years without any records of beating up any lady in an adult sex shop nor taken anyone to court for denying him the office of the president due to his testing positive to HIV.


“The whole world is now aware of the heinous crimes against humanity committed by Ishaku Abbo putting the lives of young girls in jeopardy as it is on record that Abbo’s failure to respond to his late sister inlaw allegations that Abbo physically assaulted his late wife for complaining about putting her life in jeopardy is one scandal too many about this fellow.


Abbo met his waterloo in 2004 when he was forced out of Navy training college in Onne for testing positive to HIV, despite taken the Navy to court for rejecting him he loose out and resulted to a campaign of calumny against the Navy.


It was also reported how Ishaku Abbo was caught red-handed assaulting a lady in a sex toy shop in Abuja, and he was found guilty and fine 50 million naira not only that, recently a video surfaced online showing Abbo assaulting a young man in Mubi which he later claimed that it was an armed robbery attack on him.


“We have since appealed to the family of those that sufferer’s untold hardship in the hands of Abbo to seek vengeance in the hands of Almighty God.


Abbo entire career steeped in subterfuge and grand deception which led him to publicly ridiculed himself and the people he represents in the senate, Emmanuel said the orchestrated media attack by the infant blogger called Bolgent is nothing but to further demonise the ex YOWICAN President in Abbo’s desperate quest to justify the ongoing anger against the leadership of CAN in Adamawa.


“We seek to advise Ishaku Abbo and his co-travellers that the game is up and that his political career has come to an abrupt end as he has used his own hand to commit political suicide.


Abbo used a mere concocted allegation and without recourse to Fairplay process, to unleash another round of imaginary falsehood against Bishop Mamza led leadership of CAN in Adamawa. For that, we would never forgive him. No matter how long the truth is covered and suppressed, it must certainly surface in the end.


“Abbo seems to be using the same tactics Senator Dino Melaye, and Shehu Sani used against Messrs Bello and El Rufai, which resulted in their early retirement from politics. By God’s grace, Abbo will be retiring from politics in 2023; Abbo is not clever by half. No amount of cover-up will save him from the divine judgement that is coming his way. He can run but can never hide. He won’t escape political retirement in 2023.”


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