Fintiri’s support group to Ishaku Abbo: No social critic has ever won re-election in the world as families of girls you put their lives on the praecipe expect an apology from you

The Chairman Fintiri rainbow network took a swipe at Ishaku Abbo, the senator representing Adamawa north in the Nigerian Senate, saying no social critic has ever won re-election in world history. Ishaku Abbo will not be an exception come 2023.

Mr Abubakar Usman, in an email to The Finder, challenges Abbo to prove his electoral worth in 2023 by winning even the APC primary election in 2022.

“I have been saying it times without a number that no social critics can win re-elections anywhere in the world.

“In the United States, Donald Trump uses his propaganda machinery to win the first term in office but could not deceive the people into supporting his second term; here in Nigeria, Dino Melaye is a social critic, but could not win re-election in Kogi, likewise Shehu Sani in Kaduna.

“Abdulmumini Jibrin in Kano is also a social critic that loose re-election in Kano, a former Emir of Kano. Lamido Sanusi was removed for being a social critic, so there is nowhere in the world a social critic can survive longer in office.

Ishaku Abbo is blowing hot everywhere because he knows his political career has come to an end. We shall not join issues with him as anyone familiar with him should know that he thrives in vainglorious boast.

“He threatens to compel the Navy to accept him despite testing positive for HIV in 2002; what happened? Nothing, he went ahead to boast that nothing will come out of the sex toy shop saga suit instituted against him, yet the court slammed him with 50 million naira as compensation to the victim of his assault.

“Ishaku Abbo is shameless; if I were him, I would bury my head in shame, as he yet to respond to the allegation of the family of his late wife, that accused him of taking their daughter to her early grave due to his HIV positive status and knowing fully well that he has put their lives of those ladies around him on the praecipe is highly condemnable.

“It is evident that Abbo has abandoned the senate mandate given to him by his constituents to engage in an early campaign when it is not yet time to do so; it is also on public know that the senator decided to use his remaining days in politics to blame the governor instead of accounting for the senate mandate given to him. Abubakar said.

Fintiri rainbow network was reacting to a viral video in which Ishaku Abbo told his audience that Fintiri is a thief facing EFCC in court and that he will not win in 2023.

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