American University denies awarding honorary doctoral degree to Adamawa Deputy Speaker, Mackondo. 

The institution disclosed that it did not convey the award of honorary doctoral degree on Mr Pwamwakeno Mackondo.


An American university has denied awarding honorary doctoral degree on the deputy speaker, Adamawa state House of Assembly, Mr Pwamwakeno Mackondo.


The Prowess University, Delaware (PUD) said the honorary doctoral degree Mr Pwamwakeno Mackondo got does not emanate from the University.


The University stated its official stance in a letter sent to The Finder Newspaper editor to verify the alleged doctoral degree Pwamwakeno Mackondo presented to the Adamawa state house of assembly, which the University also shared with The Finder Newspaper.


The Finder earlier reported that an internet-based newspaper, “News Platform”, reported that the American University, Prowess University in Delaware, has conferred honorary Doctorate Degree on the Deputy Speaker of the Adamawa state House of Assembly, Pwamwakeno Mackondo.


 News Platform alleged that the information was contained in a letter sent to Pwamwakeno Mackondo by the school, read on the floor of the House by the speaker, Aminu Abbas.


The University confirmed that its African representative is one Professor Eze Nwauba that represents Nigeria. It also claimed the name Pwamwakeno Mackondo does not exist in their record nor submitted for such award.


Mr Pwamwakeno Mackondo was said to have been selected due to his “accomplishment in good governance and genuine investment in human capital development.” According to the story published by News Platform


The internet-based news platform also quoted the letter as saying that “Pwamwakeno Mackondo’s choice is a depiction of close monitoring of his achievements as a member in the last couple of years. 


This eventually earned him global recognition and commendation.”


“You have been a source of motivation to the Nigerian youths both at home and in the diaspora at large. 


University Speaks

In an email sent to the University on Tuesday, The Finder asked if the institution did award honorary doctoral degree to Pwamwakeno Mackondo .


In response to our email, the University denies awarding such an award with the name Pwamwakeno Mackondo. 


The letter was signified by its director of international relations, Prowess University, Pat Crown.



“Dear editor,


“We appreciate your enquiry with Prowess University on the authenticity of the Honorary Doctorate Award conferment on Mr. Pwamwakeno Mackondo.


“We have not received recommendation/nomination in such name from Nigeria for this purpose amongst names submitted by Professor Eze Nwauba “African Representative” in request for such award; liaise with our representative in your country for further confirmation: (Institute of Arts Management & Professional Studies – IAMPS – Nigeria)”

Nonetheless, all certificate’s issued by Prowess University is verifiable online; (


We regret all inconveniences; accept our assurance.

Warm regards,


Pat Crown

Director of International Relations

Prowess University


Contacted on Tuesday about our findings, Mr Pwamwakeno Mackondo did not respond to The Finder calls and text messages.


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