Breaking: Honorary Doctoral Degree: Apologise to Fintiri and your Colleagues now – Group tells Adamawa deputy speaker, Pwamwakeno Mackondo

The Chairman, Adamawa first initiatives, Ibrahim Luka, on Wednesday called on the deputy speaker, Adamawa state House of assembly, Pwamwakeno Mackondo, to beg Gov. Fintiri, his colleagues in the House of assembly for forgiveness.


Ibrahim specifically said the deputy speaker has once again brought the entire House of Assembly into disrepute by presenting a fake honorary doctorate to the speaker to announce in the plenary, knowing entirely well it is not from Prowess University, Delaware.


The civil society crusader said Mr Pwamwakeno Mackondo emulates Salisu Buhari that presented a fake certificate from Toronto, all in the name of ego.


“Foundations built on lies and deceit can never stand the test of time. He owes Gov. Fintiri and his colleague an apology for what he currently put them into. 


Imagine how the speaker, Aminu Abbas, read the purported letter he claimed was from Prowess University on the House’s floor, only for the institution to deny knowledge of it.


More details soon 


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