Breaking:Again, US University denies awarding the honorary doctoral degree to Adamawa deputy speaker, Pwamwakeno Mackondo.

The Prowess University in the United States has denied for the second time awarding honorary doctorate on the deputy speaker, Adamawa state house of assembly, Pwamwakeno Mackondo, saying the letter he received and announced on the plenary by the speaker, Adamawa state House of assembly, was unauthorised by the appropriate officials.


In its investigative report, the Finder exposed how the deputy speaker was tricked into believing that Prowess University, Delaware, has awarded him an honorary doctoral degree in “Philosophy in Public Administration, a course the University does not offer.


Again, the African representative of the University in Nigeria some minutes ago confirmed that the University had not authorised an honorary doctorate award on the deputy speaker.


A magazine, “lead Africa Magazine”, suggested his nomination to the University representative in Nigeria. Still, the deputy is yet to meet the requirement for such an award.


In a controversial circumstance, the deputy speaker misleads the speaker and the assembly that he has already been bestowed with the award that he is only waiting for the ceremony slated for 27th March 2021 at the University of Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.


In one of its publication, the Finder details how some individual political class and even the unlettered cajole the people by adding the title “Dr.” in their names, yet fail to possess that character of real doctored degree holders.


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