2023: Group threatens court action against former Reps member Adamu Kamale if he fails to contest Michika/Madagli; Saying Dauda Nyampa has denigrated Gov. Fintiri for remaining silent in the green chamber

A civil society organisation, Save Michika/ Madagli group, have criticised the Member representing Michika/Madagali in the House of Representative, Dauda Nyamapa, saying seeking a second term in office will be suicidal as the luck he has in 2019 to ride on the back of Governor to power has diminished.



The group led by President of the save Michika/ Madagli Silas Michika made its position known while addressing journalists on Thursday at the PDP National Secretariat in Abuja.


Referring to Dauda Nyampa, Silas said, “the Member representing Michika/ Madagali in the House of representative Dauda Nyampa will become a member of  Association of failed House of reps aspirants in 2023 as his tenure has come to an end in Michika/Madagli.


“Dauda Nyampa does not influence the grassroots, so he should come back to the grassroots and learn to give way for competent hands like Adamu Kamale”.


“This indeed is a lifesaving decision for the PDP to give 2023 Michika/Madagali ticket to Adamu Kamale if PDP wants to retain Michika/Madagali in 2023”, they stated.



“It is on record that Dauda Nyampa dedicated close to two years in the House of the representative to denigrate the Governor that supported his first term and the good people of Michika/Magadali for his silence in the green chamber.


He never missed an opportunity to denigrate the office of the Governor by his show of apprentice politician lifestyle.


Indeed, no system, much less an organised political party, group can survive the silence of Dauda Nyampa in the green chamber; hence we are calling on Adamu Kamale to come back and take what is rightfully his and lead us to the promised land in 2023


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