You’re a dumb Senator that abandoned governance for blackmail, Fintiri aide, Kumangar blasts Ishaku Abbo’

Director-General media to Governor Fintiri of Adamawa state, Solomon Kumangar, Friday, replied Ishaku Abbo, a senator representing Adamawa north in the Nigerian Senate who penultimate Thursday jettisoned his senate stewardship to haul verbal attacks on Adamawa governor.

Abbo had accused Fintiri of stealing money which has been severally fact-checked by this medium and discovered to be lies and blackmail. 

After Abbo’s statement had spanned social media, Kumangar called him a dumb senator who exhibited crass ignorance and childishness in addressing Governor Fintiri.

His words: “It is not disrespectful to accuse the governor of holding palliative knowing fully well that the end SARS protest that culminates into lootings of governments and private warehouses in the country. It’s the way and manner Ishaku Abbo addressed the governor that leaves a sour taste in the mouth. 

He exhibited crass ignorance, insensitivity and childishness. But the fact remains that he is an accidental senator that fails to account for several millions of naira accrued to him as constituency project funds.

When he grows up, he might learn respect”.

It’s not disrespectful to ignorantly accused the governor. It’s the way and manner Ishaku Abbo takes to every gathering, falsely accusing a man that has paid counterpart funding to rehabilitate the road leading to his village.

“This is a fellow that has nothing to point since he mistakenly found himself in the Senate; the only achievement of Abbo which is audible to all members of his constituency is the sex toy incident that was widely reported.

Apart from laying claims to Governor Fintiri’s projects that litter all nooks and cranny of Adamawa State, I challenge Abbo to give us his senate stewardship; if he like, he can falsely accuse the governor, but his political career has ended in Adamawa.


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