Muchala Youth laments wasteful mandate; says hauling insults on Elders, Gov Fintiri is the only known achievement of Ishaku Abbo.

Leaders and youths in Muchala Community, in the Mubi North council area of Adamawa state, have cried out over high profile insults on elder and Gov. Fintiri of Adamawa by Ishaku Abbo.


Penultimate Thursday, Abbo, in a viral video, resulted in character assassination on Gov. Fintiri of Adamawa, claiming he stole money from the government coffers and diverted covid 19 food palliative.


The Coordinator of Progressive Minds, Hon. Daniel Muchala, at a meeting in Muchala, who lamented the Abbo verbal attacks on elders, said that” the people of Adamawa North and Muchala, Abbo’s home town apologise to all the elders and Governor Fintiri of Adamawa state for youthful exuberance of the senator as Muchala people are not known for the character of insulting elders and leaders currently on display by Abbo



Muchala said that the community was again thrown into “another round of pandemonium the last Thursday when same Abbo appear in a viral video attacking the governor, even respected leaders from Mubi, like Senator Umaru Jibrilla who has respect for elders and leaders tactically withdraw and lost focus when Abbo in his usual character turn the gathering to insulting the governor.


‘” This unfortunate incidence led to the wasteful mandate we gave this young man thinking he will make a difference not knowing that he is immatured for the office of the senator, having sustained reproach brought on the honest, loving and respectful  Muchala people, Abbo should notice the ominous signs and halt further preparation to contest any elective office in 2023.


Muchala said it is so sad to note that the only achievement of Abbo is his ego lead attribute of ‘acknowledgement me’ by insulting elders.


He pleaded with Abbo to use the next political gathering or a private meeting to tell the people what he has done with the mandate given to him in 2019, or he should know that his tenure has come to an end in 2023

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