By Fenny Fwa

I know I’m part of the elites that have contributed to the educational mess we have found ourselves in since three of my kids didn’t attend public schools. It’s all about conscience.

My last child is attending a private university and will complete her studies without prolonging her studies. Here are children of the poor who hardly get the money to support their children and are being repeatedly asked to pay more money each time the schools are opened.

One had to assist in some pathetic and desperate cases.

Despite all these, I’m still with ASSU in their demands. I have read critically their demands. Most of them are centred toward improving our educational standards which have drastically fallen.

I know there is a paucity of funds, but the government can handle the demands in phases based on priority. As a sign of good faith and commitment, the government can decide to release, not approve, some funds for particular programmes and thereafter some of the programmes will be handled as the situation improves.

Government should act fast as students are with ASUU and are planning demonstrations that may rock the foundation of the country.

Remember the endsars demonstration that turned the country upside down. Another demonstration may degenerate into something the FGN may find too difficult to handle.

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