APC chieftain congratulates Adamawa Governor, Fintiri urged members to return to the drawing board.

A chieftain of the All-Progressive Congress, Mohammed Abubakar Gurin congratulated the Governor Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa state over his victory in the gubernatorial election.

The APC scribe felicitated with all Adamawa residents on the successful conduct of the gubernatorial polls, especially for their doggedness and resilience while the results of the polls were being awaited.

Gurin, in a statement, appealed to those who were unable to win to remain calm and be conscious of the fact that we have no other state but Adamawa.

“It is not uncommon that elections do bring dissatisfaction and grievances even in advanced democracies, but such dissatisfaction and grievances are pursued within the ambits of the law and our own should not be different, so as not to breed unintended consequences, which may be detrimental to the continued survival of Adamawa,” he stated.

It urged political stakeholders to be careful and exercise caution in their behaviours and utterances in the interest of a peaceful and prosperous Adamawa state.

“We equally appeal to Gov. Fintiri to extend an olive branch to their counterparts across the divide, sue for peace to allow for monumental development of the state.”

“I do hope we have learnt our lesson from this poll, no house divided among itself can stand, I urge all APC members in Adamawa after this election to come to a reconciliation table for the future of our party.


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