Bathiya Wesley Speakership is more of a providential coincidence.

The election of Rt. Hon. Bathiya Wesley, Member for the Hong Constituency in the Adamawa House of Assembly (ADHA), as Speaker is more of a providential coincidence.

Bathiya, at age forty, is both a prominent lawmaker and one of the youngest in the legislature. His ascent to the assembly’s top leadership position was deliberate, as was his subsequent election for a second term.
He has proven over the years that he possesses inherent talents and abilities that make him an effective leader.

Before the Hong Kong elections in 2015 and 2019, Bathiya was an ambitious young guy full of drive, skill, and promise in the business world.

He was more of a lamb among lions, given that Hong is one of Adamawa State’s most affluent Local Government Areas and having a degree is not something to boast about there.

It’s tough to win over voters in the Hong constituency and install a powerful representative there. Former Adamawa state acting governor and House of Assembly speaker Hon. Barka James Shuaibu was the first to receive a second term mandate, followed by the current speaker, Rt. Hon. Bathiya Wesley.

Given his entrepreneurial prowess, Bathiya led a selfless life in Hong that I hope history will remember. Sharing business advice with his doubles and peers.

After finishing high school, the man set his sights on shaping and leading the destiny that had called to him.
One thing you can’t take away from this young man is the humility and respect he has shown throughout his life, especially towards his elders and those he regards to be his seniors. In spite of the odds being stacked against him, he never hesitates to tell the truth to anyone.
The young speaker’s second term in the Adamawa House of Assembly seat of Hong was more of a walkover thanks to his political savvy in navigating through the tough trials to get where he is now, despite the presumably stiffer battle of the 2023 elections.

This individual suffers from the political irony of “all are mine, and all mine is theirs.” In order to enjoy the fruits of democracy, Bathiya ignores partisan differences except during election campaigns.
In Adamawa State, I’m getting the distinct feeling that a new kind of leader has emerged; the assembly now has a Young Man who comprehends the essentials of law and the influence that legislators hold. He understands the importance of setting a good example. The state legislature is now under his jurisdiction.

The gable was delivered to Bathiya in less than a month, and it is already proving useful to the people of Adamawa. In an effort to quell lawlessness, Bathiya and his fellow lawmakers have backed a bill that would increase penalties for the dispersed criminals known as Shila Boys. To make illegal the violent new group that has developed, riding around on tricycles and wielding firearms to rob people of their phones and other belongings.

After that, Rt. Hon. Wesley did a lot to direct the plenary sessions of the house. Many people think his legislative actions in Adamawa will win him over with voters. A committee, the formation of which he just announced, would look into reports of illegal mining in Mubi South LGA. The story has just begun. He has, so to speak, jumped right in.
The media became engrossed in a potentially annoying storyline: the new speaker of the 8th Assembly is a person with a physical disability. We and many others who have known Bathiya since birth can confirm that he did not have a hand removed at birth.

It was just bad luck that he broke his hand as a student when he was still reasonably young and had to have it amputated. This kid had never considered a future where he was a one-handed man.
His mind is constantly at work, and his one hand can do the work of two.

He’s helping out the state financially and otherwise. The Man’s accomplishments, with or without his hands, show that “it’s about what the brain and the heart can offer.”
The 9th Adamawa State Assembly has a new super speaker who is both powerful and wise in one hand. He has shown that he can quietly lead a team under the administration of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri to the benefit of the people of Adamawa.

He makes extensive trips to promote business-friendly legislation in other states in an effort to persuade investors to set up shop in Adamawa and do business with and for the state’s residents.
The state’s IGR will expand as a result of the abundance of useful natural resources and prime agricultural land. Speaker Bathiya and Chief Executive Fintiri will take this opportunity to build up their nation.

From Toungo to Madagali, and from Fufore to Shelleng, Bathiya will be the head of the household. The journey has been uneventful under Bathiya, and the experiences have been positive, so he is driving to save lives, to bring all and all to a resting area. Take a ride on Mr. Wesley for the time being; the house has had more than its fair share of James Bombs behind the wheel in the past.

The harsh reality is nonetheless a statement of fact. Please allow me to caution you to drive safely. Potential death traps include sharp turns and pedestrians in motion. Adamawa is a challenging area to maintain order in. Here to tell you that Adamawa is a microcosm of Nigeria and the bus is not easy to drive are Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, Representative James Barka of Gombi/Hong, Representative Ibrahim Dasin of Yola North, and Representative Kabiru Mijin Yawa of Yola South. Take care! Mr. Driver, please exercise extreme caution.

But I know that you will bring us there safely, because God is on your side. Wishing you the best, Mr. Speaker.

Tom Garba, is a journalist, opinion writer, and political analyst. Tg News’s top editor. From Adamawa State, he writes to you from Yola. You can contact him in the following ways:




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