Wike Warns Abuja Landlords That Distort Master Plan: “Your Houses Must Go Down”

Minister of the FCT Nyesom Wike has warned property owners whose buildings disrupt Abuja’s master plan that they risk having their buildings demolished.

It’s terribly awful for the individuals who are ruining Abuja’s grand design. Wike announced this during a news conference in Abuja on Monday, just after he had taken the oath of office at the State House.

He continued, saying that “your house must go down” for everybody who has grown where they shouldn’t have, including ministers and ambassadors.

Landowners who have appropriated “the green areas” for development purposes were also targeted by the previous governor of Rivers State, who stressed the importance of restoring natural habitats.

To dislike green is to dislike oneself. Therefore, if you know that anybody associated with you has encroached into green spaces or parks in order to set up eateries there, we cannot and will not allow it. He apologised.

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