Kaduna Will Recruit 7,000 Young People To Fight Crime, Governor Sani Says

Kaduna State Governor Uba Sani says his administration aims to employ 7,000 youngsters to help security forces tackle insecurity.

Kaduna, in Nigeria’s northwestern area, is dealing with banditry, abduction, and a slew of other security issues.
Governor Sani, who has been in office for nearly three months, said his government would involve youngsters in tackling crime as part of its attempts to stop the flow.

The governor, who has been a champion for state police since his days as a senator, stated that the recruiting process will begin shortly.

“Coming to Kaduna, I also revived the Kaduna State Vigilance Service,” Governor Sani remarked on Monday.

“As we speak, we plan to recruit at least 7,000 youths to run our Kaduna State Vigilance Service in the coming week.”

According to him, the development was also made necessary since “security agencies are lacking the boots” in their efforts to combat instability.

“Of course, they require the assistance of our local vigilance service.” We now have 2,000, but we are recruiting another 7,000 to bring the total to 9,000,” the former congressman added.

“I am also pleased that the commissioner of police, the director of DSS, and even the GOC here in Kaduna are all working together to ensure that all of our vigilance services receive adequate training.” We are training them at the police academy, which is critical.”

Apart from that, he claimed that the state government is collaborating with various stakeholders, including religious organisations, to rid the state of criminals.

He also stated that there are ongoing discussions with governors in the north to fine-tune methods of combating instability.

“We are on the same page as I chat with you. “We’re doing everything we can to ensure a joint operation,” the governor stated.

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