REAN will look for new collaborations for investment in renewable energy development – ES

The Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN) stated on Monday that it is ready to explore new channels for collaborations that will attract investment for the sector’s development.

Miss Bilky Gambo, the association’s Executive Secretary, stated this in an interview with journalists in Abuja.

Gambo, the association’s new executive secretary, stated that the group would reorganise itself in order to engage more closely and effectively with partners and key stakeholders to amplify advocacy and broaden its horizons for the success of its goal.

“We will also look into new avenues for collaboration and engagement with industry experts.”

“We will be advocates for policies that would provide tax incentives to spur investment in renewable and clean energy projects,” she said.

“While I am still settling into this role, I intend to use my extensive experience in administration and corporate communications, stakeholder engagement, and management to help REAN achieve its mission.”

She went on to say, “I intend to build on the solid foundation my predecessor laid in order to pursue our strategic goals.”

According to her, the organisation will prioritise innovation and sustainability while driving initiatives to accelerate renewable energy adoption in Nigeria.

“Government assistance is critical to our success.” We will collaborate closely with government agencies to promote policies that encourage the development of renewable energy.

“We will collaborate so that specific policies are developed that REAN will become a leading force in renewable energy advocacy and innovation in the next five years.”

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