Subsidy Removal: Tinubu Will Pay First, Says Gov Nwifuru

The governor of Ebonyi State, Francis Nwifuru, has indicated that President Bola Tinubu was the first to feel the effects of the elimination of fuel subsidies.

President Bola Tinubu proclaimed in his inaugural speech on May 29 that “fuel subsidy is gone,” causing the price of petrol and other goods to rise.

With the impact of fuel subsidy reduction becoming more acute, organised labour will go on indefinite strike on October 3.

On Saturday, Governor Nwifuru declared in Ebonyi State at a media interaction and account of stewardship by members of the state executive that the President was paying a high price for subsidy removal that went beyond the fundamental awareness of Nigerians.

He said that by abolishing the subsidy regime, Tinubu was “the first person who paid the price,” which he described as “heavier and greater than anything anyone could suffer.”

“The President made the decision to remove it and paid the price.” Nigerians are not the only ones who are condemning him. Uninformed Nigerians are condemning him without knowing the truth because those who profit from the sector are the ones who feed them negativity,” the governor added.

“On the issue of eliminating fuel subsidies, I stated unequivocally that it is only Mr. President who paid the ultimate price by having the capacity and deciding to remove that scourge known as fuel subsidies, which nearly destroyed this country.”

According to the governor, if the president had not revoked the fuel subsidy, he would have reaped the greatest advantage from it, causing the country’s debt to worsen.

He claimed that since the elimination of the fuel subsidy, the state allocation has increased above the monthly payout.

“Marketers will be paying visits to him (the President) and many other government officials.” We understand the origins of the problem and the difficulties that Nigerians are facing. But you can’t compare this temporary problem to what we were in,” he remarked.

“If Tinubu had not come up with the idea of eliminating fuel subsidies on his own, this country would not have had 20 kobo to share as federal allocation by now.” We nearly borrowed to share.

“You have to suffer to get it right, and you have to know what you want.” Mr. President informed us that he understood why he desired to be president. He’s not here for the money. If he was here to make money, he would have kept the fuel subsidy and would not have removed it.”

Nwifuru further claimed that because of the benefits associated with the subsidy, those in his position may have had less reason to delay the withdrawal.

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