You are political scavenger Fintiri’s aide, blasts self-acclaimed “Otumba of Ekiti,” Umar Mustapha.

According to a spokesman for Adamawa state governor, Humwashi Wonosoiku, Mustapha Umar, a self-declared Otumba of Ekiti who traded the Labour Party governorship ticket for self-aggrandizement, is suffering from hullicianation and anguish.

Wonosoiku made the comment to this medium after the 2023 Labour Party candidate in Adamawa had a news conference in which he accused Governor Fintiri of supporting Ulama’s visit to President Tunubu regarding the imminent Adamawa Tribunal judgement.

Mustapha Umar is referred to as a “political scavenger” in the text. Mustapha Umar’s statement piqued his interest since, as usual, it was senseless babbling created by his temporary relief from lunacy, he explained.

If his perception of reality varies from that of reasonable people, how did he learn that Ulama had been dispatched to the president by the governor? His remark was, at best, a combination of dishonesty, a failure to comprehend, and an entry into interference and laziness.

The devil prefers lazy hands and hearts, such as Mustapha Umaru’s. We could ordinarily dismiss his babble, but in this day and age, when even the most unsophisticated brains have access to information, it’s important to put things into context and perspective.

Umaru Mustapha is seeking attention after being rejected by the APC candidate in Adamawa in the previous election.

According to the spokesperson, “Nigerians will never forget Hudu Yunusa Ari’s illegal declaration of a candidature in the middle of an election that sparked global outrage and was condemned by the APC as a party.”

Every Nigerian is aware of the crisis between Hudu Yunusa and INEC, which has been paused because the prosecution of the suspended REC has been temporarily postponed due to another matter brought before the Abuja High Court.

Mustapha Umaru’s rage at Fintiri seems to be motivated by his financial circumstances. It is vital to research and evaluate the different factors that can generate such emotional responses in order to gain a full understanding.

A lack of financial security can have significant psychological and emotional consequences. Tension, anger, and even wrath can occur when people are worried about money.

I knew personal and family financial constraints like debt, unemployment, and a lack of resources might be taxing, but I had no idea Mustapha’s weight would be so evident in Adamawa.

Mustapha Umaru, it is vital that you find suitable outlets for your frustrations and worries, such as engaging in constructive arguments, connecting with like-minded people, or joining advocacy groups dedicated to tackling economic issues, rather than sitting in the comfort of your own home churning lies and inuendoes.

Connecting with others who are experiencing similar challenges can provide you with validation, encouragement, and ideas for how to proceed.

I expect him to channel his wrath into something productive. Use it as a starting point for introspection and change. Rather of criticising the governor on the smallest provocation, manage his wisdom properly, appraise your talents, and look for ways to advance or new career options that will benefit you financially.

If he needs help navigating the financial world or improving his current financial situation, he could look into educational literature, classes, or financial planning services.

Finally, it stands to reason that his financial status will reflect his mental and emotional wellbeing.

The governor does not need any Ulama to pay a polite visit to the president after a free and fair election, but we recognise the factors that have contributed to your discontent.

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