Tinubu will attend the 5th Arab-African Summit on the economy.

President Bola Tinubu will attend this week’s Arab-African and Saudi-Africa summits in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Chief Ajuri Ngelale, Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, revealed this to State House correspondents in Abuja on Sunday.

He stated that the president’s attendance was based on the administration’s commitment to using all available channels to attract foreign direct investment into various areas of the economy.

The president will use the conference to promote foreign direct investment into the nation. The two summits will almost certainly result in significant economic benefits for both the country and Africa.

He added that, as with all of his other activities, the president would be aggressive in bringing legitimate foreign investment into all sectors of the economy.

The Arab-African Summit aims to find practical answers for expanding Arab-African collaboration and catching up with Africa’s burgeoning and prominent international forces.

The summit aims to identify areas for cooperation, create a shared vision for sharing knowledge and experience, and establish projects and frameworks for strengthening bilateral and multilateral ties between Arab and African countries.

” In view of the geostrategic transformations taking place in the international system, Arab countries are working hard to diversify their strategic partners.

”This effort has created opportunities for establishing promising strategic partnerships in several fields with many actors in the international community,” said Dr. Khalid Manzalawi, Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States for International Political Affairs, at a meeting in Cairo in October.

The summit’s goals include revitalising Arab-African relations, addressing conflict and counter-terrorism issues, and addressing challenges such as poverty, education, health, food security, developmental issues, debt crises, and global challenges such as climate change, migration, and humanitarian aid.

The last summit was held in 2016.

Ngelale stated that full briefings would be provided throughout the president’s different meetings with investors crucial to the country’s economic revitalization.

He stated that the president would be joined to the summit by cabinet members, business leaders, and other government officials.

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