Minister reaffirms the government’s resolve to achieve world-class police forces.

Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim, Nigeria’s Minister of State for Police Affairs, has reaffirmed the federal government’s intention to bring the country’s police force up to international standards.

While on a business visit to the Kaduna State Police Command on Tuesday, Sulaiman-Ibrahim made this statement.

Among the many police institutions that the minister visited were barracks, stations, basic schools, and colleges.

Speaking to reporters after the inspection, Sulaiman-Ibrahim explained that the purpose of the visit was to demonstrate unity, convey appreciation to the force, and reestablish public trust in the police.

“We have to appreciate the cops; they are doing so much,” she remarked.

According to the minister, she is a member of the reform group that President Bola Tinubu established not long ago.

She explained that she had come to express sympathy and conduct an evaluation of the force in order to discuss next steps on behalf of the Ministry of Police Affairs.

There have been reform documents that never saw the light of day, so we should anticipate real change this time around.

In order to realise our vision of a police force fit for the twenty-first century, we can anticipate reforms to be put into action as part of the revitalised police agenda.

The police in Kaduna Command are performing admirably; our personnel are making tremendous strides with limited resources.

“Police officers must be able to remain with their family at all times; welfare reform pertaining to their housing and other necessities will be extensive.”

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