Demolitions: Obi urges government to refrain from exacerbating the suffering of the poor

Peter Obi, presidential candidate for the Labour Party in the 2023 elections, has called on governments across the country to demonstrate compassion and spare the poor more suffering in light of the current wave of building demolitions in Lagos State and elsewhere.

The former governor of Anambra State made a plea on Thursday on X (previously Twitter) for the federal government and state governments to show humanity in governing amidst the many economic problems that Nigerians are already experiencing.

The Federal Housing Authority and the Lagos state government have been tearing down buildings in several parts of the state, including Ikota, Lekki, Alaba, Ajao Estate, Abule Ado, and Ladipo Market, for the past few weeks.

Allegedly constructed on drainage channels and in violation of the city’s master plan, the razed structures forced hundreds of residents to leave their homes.

Obi, who was commenting on the news, stated that the exercise exacerbated the multi-dimensional poverty that Nigerians are already fighting.

When asked about the country’s current economic situation, he replied that a responsive government should be working to alleviate people’s hardships and lift more people out of poverty.

“Although the governments may be correct in their claims of violations, the current state of affairs does not lend itself well to such an endeavour, especially in light of the widespread poverty and the potential damage it could do to the already-struggling impoverished.

We must not add to the misery of the poor among us who are already struggling to make ends meet with what little money we have. Some of the homes that are being torn down are the retirement homes and life savings of the elderly and disabled.

Therefore, I beg the countries that are complicit in this conduct to take into account the country’s plight and make an effort to show some humanity. Government acts must demonstrate compassion, even as we work to impose reasonable laws.

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