FCTA uncovers alleged Mabushi car documents forgery hub

An purported mini-market that published fake car papers and other documents was destroyed by the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA).

On Wednesday, the Department of Development Control (FCTA, destroyed the Mabushi market that was across from the Directorate of Road Traffic Services (DRTS) headquarters.

Following the exercise, director Dr. Abdulatef Bello informed journalists that dishonest vendors had infiltrated the market and worked with questionable government officials to manufacture counterfeit vehicle documentation and licence plates.

Several insightful reports have shown the illicit operations taking place in the market, according to Bello.

Bello characterised the development as a “major leakage” to FCT’s revenue, while displaying some of the vehicle’s paperwork and number plates that had been detained by DRTS personnel.

The safety of both drivers and locals was jeopardised, he continued, due to the illicit activities taking place in the region.

Drivers, the director said, should not pay roadside officers to register their vehicles.

“We have noted for quite some time that this specific structure houses illicit operations, such as piracy and other criminal pursuits.

The structures came tumbling down today as a result of our attempts to put a stop to their operations.

“The thieves have pirated so many of our documents,” he added, adding that the demolition crew had found them all.

According to Bello, it would be extremely challenging for the DRTS personnel to trace some of the vehicles that were registered with fraudulent paperwork.

They utilise these vehicles for illegal activities within their region, and although the camera will detect them, it will be impossible to track them due to their lack of registration, he noted.

The business owners were given ample time to evacuate their assets, according to Mr. Alexander Owobi, who asserted himself as the manager of the open space property where the market’s business centres operate.

The lawyer, Owobi further claimed ignorance about the infiltration by criminals, saying that no security agency had informed him of the situation.

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