Workers’ thirteenth month salary approved by Obaseki.

Workers in Edo State will get their thirteenth month’s wage on December 27, according to Governor Godwin Obaseki’s approval.

Chris Nehikhare, the state’s commissioner for communication and orientation, said in a statement on Tuesday that the governor has consistently put the welfare of state employees first and has kept his word about the promise of better working conditions.

He said that the date for workers to receive their thirteenth-month wage has been confirmed by Governor Godwin Obaseki. On December 11, you will receive your December salary, and on December 27, you will receive your salary for the thirteenth month.

The governor has maintained his dedication to the wellbeing of state workers for the past seven years, and this is continuing that trend.

As far as salary payments are concerned, the Governor Obaseki administration has kept its promise. Since employees have consistently received their paychecks on or before the 26th of each month, there has been no default throughout this time. State pensioners are subject to the same rules.

Additionally, there have been frequent promotions, the most recent of which was in January 2023.

Employees are able to take advantage of life insurance and other benefits thanks to the Contributory Pension Scheme, which is in place at six locations around the state and provides a supportive workplace. In Edo State, workers have never had it better.


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