Ogoni faction takes action to remove legislators from office following futile attempt to impeach Fubara

In connection with their alleged involvement in the failed impeachment of Governor Similanayi Fubara, the Ogoni Development Drive (ODD) has initiated the recall procedure against four Ogoni MPs serving in the Rivers House of Assembly.

At a press conference in Port Harcourt on Thursday, this was announced by the advocacy group’s convener, Comrade Solomon Lenu.

On October 30th, Fubara allegedly escaped an impeachment plan.


The four Ogoni lawmakers who were involved in the scheme to try to have Governor Fubara impeached were given a seven-day ultimatum by ODD on November 10.


The four MPs, who are currently suspended, were warned that they faced recall unless they apologised to the Ogoni people they represent and to Governor Fubara for insulting his esteemed office.


“They chose to go on an egocentric adventure rather than take this advice to heart and accept the offer of reconciliation,” he stated.


According to Lenu, the parliamentarians allegedly met multiple times to plot the governor’s deposition, ignoring ODD’s advise.


Legislators’ move has not gone down well with all decent people because Governor Fubara was elected by a unanimous vote of the Rivers people.


It defies logic that the corrupt assembly members would believe it is OK to recall them for betraying their citizens while impeaching a governor who is innocent of any wrongdoing.


“To set our democracy right, we have decided to carry out this recall process in earnest,” he added, adding that the suspended legislators had called an ODD ultimatum bluff.


The group has already sensitised and mobilised the legislator’s constituents to recall them, according to Lenu.


Additionally, he mentioned that ODD has acquired the whole voter registry for each of the four LGAs and seats.

To facilitate the petition procedure for students at different tertiary school campuses as well as those on vacation, an electronic capture form has also been developed, according to him.

“The reaction from the affected people has been outstanding thus far, and we will finish collecting the necessary signatures in a few weeks.

A referendum must be called for by INEC with the necessary signatures; it will be carried out in branches under stringent security instructions in order to prevent any evil scheme against democracy.


He warned that the process would be difficult but promised to see it through in order to instill a feeling of duty in the elected officials.


The principles of democracy, according to Lenu, can be further solidified if elected officials and politicians are made to feel accountable for their actions.


To put a stop to the political “jamboree and illicit godfatherism” in the state, the ODD convener urged the people of Ogoni to join the petition.


Ehie Edison (PDP-Ahoada East II) and four other pro-Fubara MPs thwarted 26 lawmakers on Oct. 30 who were planning to impeach Fubara.


After Ehie was sworn in as Speaker, Mr. Martins Amaewhule (Obio Akpor constituency), a former governor’s close supporter, was removed from his position.


There is some ambiguity regarding the Speaker’s role because Amaewhule maintains his status as Speaker of the House of Assembly.

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