Civil Servants to Receive Salary Increase and 50% Bonus in December from Gov. Sanwo-Olu

Every public worker in Lagos State will get their December bonus—50% of their base pay plus the wage award—thanks to the state’s governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

Bode Agoro, the Head of Service, revealed this in a circular titled “2023 End of Year Bonus and Implementation of Wage Awards,” dated December 14, 2023.

Additionally, Sanwo-Olu gave the go-ahead for all public servants and political appointees, including those working for LNSC, LASUBEB, and local council development areas, as well as for local governments and local council development areas, to receive a 50% end-of-year bonus on top of their basic salaries.

As the state government waits to evaluate the National Minimum Wage, Agoro announced that the 50% bonus and wage award will not be taxed. This came after approving the implementation of the Wage Award (PALLIATIVE).

“It is with great pleasure that we inform you all that the Governor has approved a generous end-of-year bonus payment of 50% of the basic salary to all political appointees and public servants, including those working for local governments, LCS, LASUBEB, and LNSC. This is just one more way that our administration shows its appreciation for the hard work and dedication of all public servants to the progress of our state and the well-being of its workforce,” the statement read.

While the National Minimum Wage is being reviewed, the Governor has also given the go-ahead to establish the Wage Award (PALLIATIVE).

Consequently, in December 2023, you will get your income plus a ‘NON-TAXABLE ELEMENT,’ which is half of your basic salary, in the form of an end-of-year bonus and a wage award (pallaativive).

In light of the above, it is imperative that state employees adhere to Mr. Governor’s THEMES+ Agenda and always aim to do their best for the people of the state.

It is imperative that all MDA heads pay attention to this circular and make sure it gets the attention it deserves across the board.

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