Representative Nyampa provides aid to around 5,000 residents in Adamawa’s Madagali/Michika district.

House of Representatives member Dauda Zakaria Nyampa of the Michika/Madagali district distributed approximately N100 million in palliatives to his constituents.

Among the essentials supplied were rice, spaghetti, oil, mats, blankets, and clothing for both sexes. The broad outreach, which included 26 electoral districts, impacted around 5,000 people.

Members of the beneficiary community thanked Nyampa for his timely support during difficult times, praised his dogged advocacy, and praised his enabling leadership within the legislature.

Nyampa reaffirmed his commitment to implementing his campaign promises in order to ensure the prosperity and welfare of his citizens. He praised them for their help and urged the public to unite, underscoring the importance of communal cohesion.

Representative Dauda Zakaria Nyampa has delivered palliative gifts to his constituents in the Michika/Madagali Federal Constituency.

His act of kindness came at a time of great need and difficulty, and many who benefited from it expressed gratitude to Hon. Nyampa. Furthermore, they commended his leadership and Green Chamber presence, claiming that he has demonstrated solidarity and supported his people.

Hon. Nyampa underlined his desire to help his people, who have suffered greatly and are in desperate need of assistance, in his words. He not only kept his campaign pledges, but he also promised to defend and help his constituents succeed.

Apart from encouraging them to remain calm and unified, he expressed his appreciation for their prayers and well wishes.

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