Implementation of the Presidential Peace Pact Is Not a Death Sentence—Fubara

As for the political turmoil in Rivers State, Governor Siminalayi Fubara has stated his intention to carry out the eight-point presidential peace deal.

This was said by Governor Fubara on Monday morning during a Christmas programme.

But he promised that the agreement’s execution would not jeopardise democratic principles or the people’s collective interests.

He asserts that the peace agreement “is not as horrible as those who are sincerely opposed to it might depict it.” He has studied the proclamation’s provisions and, as a major player in the story, has come to this conclusion.

According to him, the peace pact “is not a death sentence,” but rather a chance to bring forth the stability that the state sorely needs.

According to Governor Fubara, there has been some progress towards the agreement’s execution from both parties.

“The purported impeached notification has been removed,” he added, adding that his government has also released the State House of Assembly’s withholding allowance.

The Rivers State Governor praised President Bola Tinubu’s involvement in the political issue and claimed that it was evidence of Tinubu’s devotion to Rivers State.

In particular, Governor Fubara lauded the public’s unwavering devotion to his administration during the crisis.

In order to better serve the state, he pledged to always consult broadly and never lower the level of governance.

The governor of the state, Fubara, spoke at the Christmas celebration and urged the people to follow Jesus’ example of selflessness, love, and forgiveness.

He promised that 2024 will bring better growth as several critical infrastructure projects, like as the Ring Route Project and the long-abandoned Andoni segment of the Ogoni-Andoni-Opobo/Nkoro unification route, are set to be finished.

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