Kukah warns Tinubu that “God,” history, will not forgive him if he fails.

Catholic Bishop Matthew Kukah of the Sokoto Diocese warned President Bola Tinubu that if he does not fulfil his “renewed hope” after years of striving to lead the country, he will face the wrath of both God and history.

In his Christmas message on Monday, Bishop Kukah stated this. He went on to say that now that the former governor of Lagos State is in charge, Nigeria must make a turnaround under his leadership.

Under Tinubu’s leadership, Nigeria “must halt the hideous instrumentalization of religious, ethnic, or regional identities,” says Kukah, and the country’s numerous pressing concerns must have been addressed.

“Congratulations and best wishes for the holiday season, sir,” the preacher greeted the president. You have finally gotten your hands on the answer to your prayers, dreams, and longings. You have been plotting to become our president for almost twenty years. For a long time, you advocated for a different Nigeria by fixing the broken systems of the Nigerian government.

The military and other dictatorships were your enemies for a long time. You battled for victims of a deep state for a long time. You fought for a more equitable society for a long time. Your pursuit of a fair society spanned many years. Over the years, you have established connections with various individuals, groups, and organisations. It is time to harvest.

“At this point, you are in charge. Nigeria needs a turnaround while you’re in charge. The shameful exploitation of people’s religious, ethnic, or geographical identities must come to a halt while you are in office. There are a lot of questions that need answers, and you’ve had ample time to think of them.

You are the ones who will decide our nation’s fate and your own. You will face the people of Nigeria and God with no excuses, Mr. President. If you mess up, nobody can forgive you—not even God or history. Our rendezvous with the past has arrived. The spotlight is now squarely on you. You have our prayers as we work towards a more unified nation.

Bringing up Tinubu’s “Renewed Hope” programme, the bishop said that Nigerians had nearly given up on the idea that their government cares about them and urged the president to reawaken that hope.

There has been a combination of acclaim, worry, and debate over the first shaky steps of policy decisions. The predictable outcome is here. You should be aware that our beloved country has become weary of the hope agenda you have pledged to implement.

“Nigerians have nearly given up hope that their government can genuinely look out for their best interests. The Nigerian people have given up faith that their elected officials will prioritise our needs and provide a solution to the epidemic of corruption. Because of the divisions that had already been created, we had given up on ever being unified again. Return the flame of hope to us, sir.

As a result of your efforts to lead an inclusive government, we have new optimism. Partisanship must end. A culture of corruption that has permeated all levels of government in Nigeria is at the root of the country’s long-standing troubles. We must demolish this terrible structure. In Nigeria, band-aid solutions won’t cut it.

“The issues run deep and are systemic.”Regardless of cultural or historical myths, please do not be scared to reset the power template. All the lies and promises have worn us down. He emphasised the importance of tangible evidence.

In addition to stating that blasphemy laws do not belong in a democratic society, Kukah emphasised the need to put an end to senseless murders, abductions, extortion, and kidnappings.

No more killings of Nigerians under whatever pretext, Mr. President. Human life must be revered and protected once again, and these senseless murders, kidnappings, extortions, and kidnappings must cease. A democratic society cannot tolerate blasphemy laws. No, we do not live under a theocracy.

We must find and punish those who take lives in any way they choose. While authorities work to apprehend perpetrators or their hideouts, a system of victim compensation must be established and governments must shoulder all obligation. This is not the way forward. We can see the results of fostering a culture of skewed narratives in the seeds of animosity that have taken root in Gaza.

The speaker urged the president to remove corrupt officials from government positions because they had tarnished the honour of serving the public.

The chance to serve our country has been tarnished by corrupt individuals, and you must remove them from the public service. We acknowledge that there are plenty good people out there who want to serve but are unable to do so because of the corrupt ogas at the top who thrive on corruption.

If you want to fulfil your goals of providing our people with much-needed services, Kukah remarked, this surgery must take place.

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