Northern Governors’ Forum Condemns Plateau Attacks

The “reprehensible and dismal” assaults on many Plateau State towns that have killed more than 100 people have been denounced by the 19 Northern State Governors’ Forum, which is chaired by Gombe State’s Governor Inuwa Yahaya.

The assailants burned down many homes on Sunday night. As they slaughtered the locals, the men with guns and blood curled also stole crops and wrecked houses.

On behalf of the Northern Governors, Yahaya praised Plateau State’s Governor Caleb Muftwang for demonstrating the necessary leadership following the attacks in a press statement.

Tragically, over a hundred lives were lost and numerous properties were destroyed in these attacks. It is especially saddening that this happened just as people were getting ready to celebrate the holiday season.

Such violent deeds are courageous, but they also contradict the values of solidarity and peace that our area promotes.

We should all make it a top priority to live in harmony and peace with one another. More than ever before, he emphasised, we must stand united in our resolve to live in harmony with one another despite our differences.

Governor Inuwa praised the security forces for their response but emphasised the urgency of apprehending the perpetrators and those responsible for the incident.

Hundreds have died in recent years as a result of intercommunal violence in Plateau and other hinterland states that are home to a wide variety of ethnicities and religions.

Many see the bloodshed as an ethnic and religious clash between Muslim herders and farmers, the majority of whom are Christians.

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