PSC Demands Overhaul of ‘Special Constabulary Tainting Police Image’

It advocated for a new uniform and the disbandment of outfits in states where the constabularies are not paid for or cared for.The Police Service Commission (NPC) has condemned the Special Police Constabulary’s (SPC) unprofessional behaviour. SPC is a quasi-police body designed to help with community policing.

It asked for a new uniform and the disbandment of constabularies in states where they are not paid and cared for.

According to the Commission, arming a group of people and licencing them to provide security and maintain law and order in states and communities across the country was risky.

These men have pounced on unsuspecting Nigerians for their daily sustenance through forced extortion and intimidation.

Ikechukwu Ani, the PSC’s Head of Press and Public Relations, released a statement on Thursday in which the organization stated its position.

The Commission stated that it is no longer satisfied with the organisation and activities of the Special Police Constabulary across the country and that it is already in communication with the Inspector General of Police about the need to revamp the outfit’s organisation and operations.

“Reports of their unprofessional behaviour range from harsh treatment of citizens to outright extortion on our roadways and in our towns.”

“The Commission recommends that officers of the outfit wear clothes that are clearly distinguishable from those of normal police officers.”

It was stated that the change in uniform will aid in accurately tracking the conduct of members of the outfit and normal police officers, as well as freeing the Nigeria Police Force from blame for the misconduct of men of the outfit.

The Commission’s chairman, former Inspector General of Police Solomon Arase, was cited as saying that the Commission will work with the leadership of the Nigeria Police Force to clean up the organisation and operations of the outfit.

According to Arase, it is critical to distinguish the Special Constabulary from normal police officers and precisely describe their actions, including uniforms and rules of engagement.

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