Tinubu Will Put an End to Terror in Southeast, Says Shettima

Vice President Kashim Shettima promised President Bola Tinubu’s administration on Friday that the administration will handle insecurity in the South-East straight on.

In recent years, gunmen have launched attacks in the region, killing several people, destroying property, and kidnapping civilians.

Shettima, who traveled to Bende in Abia State on Friday, claimed that the president expressed concern over the damage the attacks have done to the economy and pledged to bring things back to normal.

“He is acutely aware that our commitment to Nigeria’s future remains incomplete as long as we grapple with the sinister operations of economic saboteurs masquerading as advocates for the Ndi-Igbo,” the Vice President said at the unveiling of the Peace in the South East Project (PISE-P) by Hon. Benjamin Okezie Kalu, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“That’s why he’s determined to use all available resources to ensure that the peace we’re constructing in this region is more than a shambles, and we can’t guarantee it unless all of us see through the lies and misinformation that have become weapons against our togetherness.”

Senator Shettima stated that the heinous deeds of the criminals holding the South-East captive are self-serving and do not reflect Ndi-Igbo or the country’s interests.

He said that the terror organisations holding the region hostage are not the work of the people of the region or Nigerians from other parts of the country.

“The problem we’re here to solve as a community, as an Umunna, is the emergence of self-serving criminals who do not serve the interests of Ndi-Igbo or Nigerians.” Mr. President understands this better than any of us, which is why he has never held any group liable for the activities of law-breaking individuals who identify as members of their organisations. “I believe this is the democracy we have all chosen,” he insisted.

The VP believes the criminals upsetting the calm in the South-East are working with “forces exploiting the situation for hazardous political agendas,” but he believes efforts to destroy the hard work of the nation’s heroes in the past will fail.

He emphasised that the disastrous situation could not be rectified until the government involved the people, whom he described as the region’s ears, legs, and mouths.

At the event, Shettima was also given (on behalf of Tinubu) the title Enyioma Ndigbo by the Chairman of the Abia State Council of Traditional Rulers, Eze Linus Mbah.

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