Governor Kefas releases inmates; declares the possibility of a new Taraba.

As we begin the new year, Governor Kefas extends his best wishes to all of Taraba’s wonderful inhabitants.

The governor stated in a statement by his chief press secretary, Umar Yusuf Sanda, provided to this medium that the beginning of a new year offers an opportunity for reflection, growth, and renewed hope.

This is the time to look back on last year’s successes, assess what we’ve learned, and create plans for the future. Taraba’s people have made significant progress in many sectors, and Governor Kefas is appreciative of their many efforts.

Taraba is presently thriving thanks of the perseverance, passion, and effort of every single person, which he recognises.

The governor has nothing but respect for Taraba inhabitants’ unwavering commitment to a peaceful, united, and harmonious community.

Despite setbacks, Tarabanos have remained committed to maintaining amicable coexistence among the state’s diverse religious and ethnic groups.

Taraba has been and will continue to be successful as a result of this unity. The commitment of Governor Kefas’ administration to bettering the lives of all Taraba residents is stressed.

He tells the people that he will do all in his power to end poverty, improve healthcare, educate the public, create job opportunities, and boost infrastructure development.

He implores the populace to remain upbeat and united because achieving these objectives will require cooperation.

As we welcome in the new year, Taraba’s governor, Kefas, encourages all of the state’s citizens to set plans for the future that will help them grow as individuals and advance the state as a whole.

Taraba will grow and become a model state for others to emulate, he believes, if we all work hard, encourage one another, and develop our own abilities.

Governor Kefas prioritises environmental preservation and sustainable development. He urged all Taraba citizens to make conserving the state’s abundant natural resources a key priority for the sake of future generations.

We can make Taraba a better place for everyone by protecting the environment and raising awareness about the need to do so.

Finally, Governor Kefas wishes everyone a happy, prosperous, and peaceful New Year. In expressing his gratitude, he recalls the people of Taraba and how they have continuously assisted the state in meeting its objectives.

Taraba will continue to be an example of progress and success for Nigeria as a whole, thanks to its people’s perseverance, passion, and determination. Taraba, I wish you a happy new year.

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