oil barons are funding a negative propaganda effort against the Navy-Spokesman.

According to the Nigerian Navy (NN), a media campaign is being funded by criminals, desperate individuals, and organisations who are involved in crude oil theft in the country. This campaign is being done for their own selfish objectives.

Rear Adm. Adedotun Ayo-Vaughan, the Director of Naval Information, made the announcement on Thursday in Abuja.

Ayo-Vaughan claimed that desperate individuals and groups were funding baseless stories in certain print and online news outlets that attacked the navy’s attempts to end crude oil theft and other maritime crimes.

He asserts that they have discovered that the NN’s strategy of enlisting the assistance of outside agents and sectional egoists is undermining its renewed commitment to combating crude oil theft.

Normally, the NN wouldn’t have addressed such unsubstantiated claims, but now they feel they must in order to prevent the general public from falling for the false information.

It goes without saying that the Nigerian Navy, in carrying out her constitutionally mandated duties, would keep pushing relentlessly to strengthen Nigeria’s navy’s ability to protect her waters.

The NN has a history of cordial cooperation with all US, regional, and international maritime parties.

Professionalism and rigorous adherence to standard operating procedures are prerequisites for private maritime stakeholders to join forces in safeguarding vital onshore economic assets for the benefit of the nation’s economy.

“Therefore, claiming otherwise through paid, poorly planned, and unsubstantiated articles is entirely false,” he stated.

In its role as the primary body responsible for protecting Nigeria’s maritime environment, the NN has been instrumental in rallying genuine maritime parties to combat crude oil theft and protect national assets, according to the spokesman.

He stated that the service’s involvement was clear from the numerous operations and drills conducted in the past and present to reduce maritime crimes, including oil theft.

The following operations are included on his list: Exercise Sea Guardian, Operation Nchekwe Oshimili, Operation Calm Waters, Operation Dakar Ta Dabarwo, and many more.

According to Ayo-Vaughan, NN’s anti-oil-theft activities in 2023 resulted in the capture of 23 vessels, the arrest of more than 233 individuals, the seizure of 690 wooden boats containing stolen crude oil and products, and the closure of more than 703 illicit refinery installations.

The seizure and denial of access to crude oil and petroleum products valued at more than N105 billion was accompanied by the arrest of 82 cars, tanker trucks, and tens of barges, he said.

He asserts that all suspects have been apprehended by the proper prosecuting agencies and that the battle against the theft of crude oil will continue with redoubled efforts in 2024.

It is not surprising that the soon-to-be-arrested criminals are funding these foolish publications in light of the Nigerian Navy’s renewed efforts to end the scourge of oil theft. Their goal is to distract the Navy.

The media and appropriate authorities have accurately stated that the Navy’s efforts have resulted in a rise in oil output over the past six months.

The Navy, under Vice Adm. Emmanuel Ogalla’s leadership, will not waver in the face of harmful and false misinformation.

The National Labour Relations Board will continue to fulfil her constitutional responsibilities for the sake of the country’s economy, notwithstanding the funded smear campaigns.

He admonished the audience to “jettison the highly unpatriotic publications” as a result.

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