Insecurity: Open letter to Governor Kefas: numerous checkpoints in Taraba have outlived their usefulness.

Your Excellency, I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to you today as a concerned citizen of Taraba State with regards to the prevailing situation surrounding the numerous checkpoints within our beloved state.


First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude for your dedicated service in ensuring the safety and security of our citizens. It is evident that the establishment of checkpoints across the state was done with good intentions as a means of curtailing crime and safeguarding our communities.


However, I believe it is now time to critically reassess the efficacy and necessity of these checkpoints. While I understand that security is of paramount importance, the excessive number of checkpoints has become a burden for our citizens.


These checkpoints frequently disrupt the daily lives of regular people, particularly those who commute to work or conduct business. The time wasted waiting in long queues not only hampers productivity but also frustrates the people who depend on smooth travel for their livelihoods.


Moreover, the numerous checkpoints have inadvertently engendered a climate of fear and intimidation among the populace. Innocent individuals are subjected to tokens, and such checkpoints serve as toll gates for security agencies in Jalingo, which often leads to an erosion of trust between law enforcement agencies and the people they are meant to protect.


This breakdown in trust can have severe consequences for community relations and cooperation in reporting crime. Governor Kefas, I humbly urge you to consider the systematic dismantling of these checkpoints while maintaining an effective and efficient security system. It is vital to strike a balance between security concerns and the well-being of our citizens.


Embracing modern technology, such as CCTV cameras, can aid in the surveillance and monitoring of high-risk areas. This approach not only reduces unnecessary physical checkpoints but also provides law enforcement agencies with the tools to respond swiftly to incidents. Furthermore, the funds and resources redirected from maintaining these checkpoints could be channelled into capacity-building for law enforcement personnel.


The training and equipping of security forces with up-to-date skills and equipment will enhance their ability to tackle crime effectively. Additionally, investing in community policing initiatives will foster better relationships and communication between the police and local residents, ultimately leading to improved safety.


In conclusion, Governor Kefas, I implore you to take immediate action to evaluate and, where necessary, dismantle the excessive checkpoints across Taraba State. By doing so, you will not only alleviate the burden on our citizens but also strengthen the bond between law enforcement agencies and the people they serve.


Let us strive for a safer Taraba that remains both secure and conducive to growth and development. Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I remain hopeful that you will consider my request for the betterment of our great state.


Yours respectfully, Joeseph Denis

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