When the Time Comes, We Will Know Who Is In Charge of  Rivers —Wike

After stepping down as governor of Rivers State in May of last year, Nyesom Wike has revisited the issue and insists he is still very much entrenched in the state.

Governor Sim Fubara and the former FCT minister have been at odds. Wike is of the belief that the people of the state will eventually determine who the true political heavy hitters are, even though President Bola Tinubu has entered the fray.

“Pay no attention to this ravenous roadside obnoxiousness. Who is in control and who isn’t will become clear when the time comes. I am uncertain as to whether my words have reached you. Everything has its time. Wike made the comment during a visit to an APC chieftain, Victor Giadom, in Bera, Rivers State, on Saturday. “There is a time to plant and there is a time to harvest,” he told the crowd.

Political rhetoric is unnecessary. Saying “I am for this, I am for that” at this moment is inappropriate. At this point, we are not in that period. “We shall know who is who when the time comes,” he insisted.

Amid the ever-growing influence of social media, the minister of the FCT has stated that he remains unmoved by remarks made on online platforms. On the contrary, he is urging lawmakers to put the people first.

“Do whatever you want with me if you like. Hire everyone you see on social media if you so desire. The abuser’s identity has never once crossed my mind, let me tell you,” Wike said.

“Politics will come,” he promised. Using social media as a platform, we did not run for office. The people listened to us when we ran for office and spoke directly to them.

Beyond Rivers-related politics, the ex-governor restated his position regarding the presidential election in 2023. He has no qualms about betraying his own Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and supporting Tinubu’s APC campaign.

Yes, I will defend it. Having no regrets whatsoever, he assured the crowd that he would remain a supporter of Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s administration.

Minister: “I have no regrets when I stood by with my colleagues and friends and said that the president must go to the south.” So said the minister.

“Everything was offered to me. But I declined. For that reason, I shall not stop backing Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s administration. Now that my companion is returned, I can go home with a sense of relief.

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