Kaduna Bombing’s “Avoidable Errors” Must Never Happen Again-Tinubu

The latest attack in Kaduna State, according to President Bola Tinubu’s Friday description, was the result of a string of preventable mistakes.

In December of last year, a tragic military bombing in the North-Western state’s Tudun Biri village injured many people and killed 85. Many people were upset by the occurrence, and the army took responsibility and apologised.

President Tinubu reiterated the importance of cooperation among security services a month later in his address on the nation’s internal security threats.

At Friday’s Presidential Security Briefing at Abuja’s State House, Buhari cautioned the military against shirking their duties while speaking to intelligence agency chiefs and security chiefs.

The success that you are achieving is evident. “The president’s media adviser, Ajuri Ngelale, described him as saying, ‘The preventable blunders, as saw lately in Kaduna, are unacceptable and cannot be repeated.'” The president’s message is reaching Nigerians.

We can’t celebrate until we put a stop to this, return our troops to their hometowns, and free up funds for our vital economic expansion project, but I’m happy that coordination across all agencies has greatly improved in recent months.

My intelligence reports are serious business. My field of vision is quite extensive. In order to accomplish our goals for the betterment of all Nigerians, the Navy and related branches must enhance their performance. Those who would do us harm will be forcefully removed from our ranks. Justice will be served to those who, from within or beyond, oppose the national objective. Everything is set for you. Our progress will be maintained. Under my leadership, there is no room for failure.

He noted that while there has been success in eliminating certain security concerns across many theatres, the ultimate measure of accomplishment would be the eventual resolution of the multi-dimensional danger.

General Christopher Musa, Chief of Defence Staff, expressed regret over the airstrike on Tudun Biri hamlet but insisted that the attack was not premeditated and intended to harm civilians.

The incident was a preventable mix-up, the CDS stressed.

I had always intended to bring up the Kaduna event; it’s tragic and awful and shouldn’t have happened. The people in control had a tip that something was going to happen, so they overreacted and made a mistake. It wasn’t intentional.

“My biggest concern is that if we let our troops down now, they won’t be willing to step up when the real ones arrive because they’ll be afraid of what might happen if we do something and then realise it was a mistake. Therefore, I believe that when incidents occur, we should endeavour to view this matter objectively.

We are all Nigerians, and our job is to defend our countrymen, thus no sane person would ever get up in the morning and start burning people alive for no apparent reason. Being human means that we are bound to make mistakes along the way, but rest assured that these will never be intentional.

I beg you all to put your faith in God, stand firm, and pray for Nigeria and her leaders. According to CDS Musa, “we must not let it down.” The country is amazing and wonderful.

In the aftermath of the mishap involving Nigerian military drones on December 7, 2023, Vice President Kashim Shettima hinted at federal government plans to reconstruct the Tudun Biri community.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu reportedly ordered the Pullako Initiative to start in Kaduna State as a way of making up for the destruction the drone misfire caused. The initiative will include a comprehensive set of projects, including housing, healthcare, education, empowerment programmes, and solar power, among others, in the Tudun Biri community.

“Most crucially, the President approved the initiation of the Pullako Initiative by next month,” VP Shettima announced during a meeting with community leaders and other stakeholders, announcing President Tinubu’s intention to reconstruct the neighbourhood. The President’s one-of-a-kind non-kinetic response to North West issues is the Pullako Initiative.

Sokoto, Kebbi, Zamfara, Katsina, and Kaduna are the beneficiary states; we purposefully included Niger and Benue States for the purpose of equity and justice.

Our original plan was to launch the programme in Sokoto, but President Buhari ordered the Pullako Initiative to begin in Kaduna State instead due to recent events. The plan’s initial recipient will be Tudun Biri. In addition to the Right Honourable Speaker’s work, we will construct homes.

On the other hand, we offer a whole suite of services, including solar power, housing, medical facilities, educational institutions, animal hospitals, empowerment programmes, and more. The North West bandit and kidnapping problems have a comprehensive set of non-kinetic responses.

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