Wike warns chairmen of the FCT councils to remain within their jurisdictions.

Area council chairmen in the FCT have been urged by Minister Nyesom Wike to remain within their jurisdictions and work towards community development.

On Wednesday, Wike made the announcement in Yangoji during the inauguration of an 11-kilometer rural road that will link the towns of Sukuku Ebo and Yangoji in the Kwali Area Council of the FCT.

Just remain in your house. Avoid making frequent trips to the city. Remain put and get the job done. Allow me to lend you my own.

He warned that urban areas would suffer if rural areas were not well-served.

In order to push development in rural areas, the Minister gave the assurance that the FCT Administration will keep working with the chairmen of FCT area councils.

Particularly, Wike pledged to finish all unfinished projects in the Abaji and other local councils, emphasising that the time for unfinished projects was ended.

He spoke about how rural communities are being reached out to in order to restore optimism after years of being left behind.

Get the most out of this moment. We will have failed as a government if we ignore rural communities.

Rural road intervention and other infrastructure development planned for rural communities are fulfilling President Bola Tinubu’s “Renewed Hope” agenda, according to the ministry.

If the present administration does not have a favourable effect on rural areas, he claims, it would have been a total failure.

The Minister was bestowed the traditional title of “Kauran” Kwali, meaning fiercest and most valiant warrior.

Wike pledged not to disappoint the public while expressing gratitude for the honour conferred upon him.

Specifically, he said that he will spearhead efforts by security forces to root out the urban and rural areas terrorised by bandits, kidnappers, and other criminal elements.

President Tinubu was earlier commended by Mr. Danladi Chiya, Chairman of the Kwali Area Council, for authorising the building of three rural roads in each of the six area councils.

Along with the Kwali area council’s efforts to improve infrastructure for the benefit of the people, Chiya noted that this gift will complement those efforts.

He boasted that his government had built or repaired 11.3 kilometres of roads and graded an additional 13 kilometres to facilitate travel for his people and boost economic activity.

To finish the roads and other projects that the FCTA abandoned in the area, the chairman pleaded with the minister.

Gilmor Engineering Nigeria Ltd. was awarded the project, and according to Dr. Olusegun Olusa, Oversite Director of the Satellite Towns Development Department at FCTA, it will be finished by May.

Chief Alhaji Abubakar Sani, the area’s traditional leader, expressed gratitude to Presidents Tinubu and Wike for their pledge to improve rural areas’ infrastructure, especially their roads.

After construction is finished, the road will boost security in the area and make it easier for farmers to carry their farm produce, according to Sani.

He pleaded for the improvement of healthcare services in rural areas by extending the gesture to primary healthcare institutions.

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