Trans-border trade: Five cement-laden trucks apprehended in Adamawa.

Soldiers from the Nigerian army seized five trucks carrying cement from Adamawa State destined for Cameroon.

The trucks were halted in Jabbi-lamba, a suburb of Adamawa State’s Girei Local Government Area. Authorities suspect they were transporting cement to Cameron, which is nearby, for distribution.

At a news conference at Yola’s police headquarters, Mr. Humwashi Wonosikou, Adamawa state governor’s principal press secretary, emphasised the government’s displeasure with the affair.

He emphasises that the government would not let a few shady persons test its generosity.

“As you may be aware, the government has outlawed the export of construction goods in order to reduce the impact on the environment, he stated.

However, we were dismayed to learn that some people continue to oppose the government by engaging in anti-government activities, even after the measure was enacted.

As a result, he stated that the government will penalise those responsible for the repugnant practice in order to prevent others.

Mr. Wonosikou indicated that security agencies would accompany the automobiles to the specified destination on the invoices to assure delivery, despite his reservations that no community would accept such large quantities of the things.

Despite his doubts that no community would accept such large quantities of the supplies, Mr. Wonosikou stated that security personnel would accompany the vehicles to the billed destinations to ensure delivery.

According to SP Suleiman Nguroje, the Adamawa State Police’s public relations officer, they have established a security ring throughout the state to separate the movement of items in accordance with government requirements.

The state’s security chief, he claimed, had established a unified task force to carry out the government’s orders.

The security detail, he stated, will accompany the vehicles to the billing addresses to ensure delivery.

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