“Your visible initiatives, people-valued efforts have touched every area of Adamawa.” COFSSA tells Fintiri

Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, governor of Adamawa state, was commended by the Conference of Former Speakers of Nigeria’s State Houses of Assembly for his endeavours to advance development.

Governor Fintiri’s exceptional accomplishments were acknowledged at the forum. They asserted that Governor Fintiri has implemented beneficial initiatives that the people of the state enjoy in nearly every corner.

The gathering at Yola’s banquet hall was praised by Senator Simon Bako Lalong, who is also the chairman of the forum and a former governor and speaker of Plateau State.

“Witnessing our colleague Governor Fintiri’s remarkable achievements since our arrival in Yola has been an eye-opening experience. His visible initiatives and people-valued efforts have touched every area of the state.”

“The relative peace and stability of Adamawa State has been restored thanks to Governor Fintiri’s courageous and tireless efforts.”

Criminals and crisis actors have been forced to leave the state as a result of his participatory governance and strategic security support.

The governor of Adamawa State, according to Senator Lalong, is a developmentist who has driven massive projects, including as agriculture and urban rehabilitation, to economic success.

He boasted that massive infrastructure projects were Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri’s crowning achievements for the people of Adamawa State.

The senator from Plateau, who were once the state’s speaker, were proud of the governor’s accomplishments and plans for Adamawa State during his first term in office.

You have not embarrassed us, and we are hoping that the rest of the team will do the same. Additional duties will be assigned to other members of this esteemed group as a result of your accomplishments.

The head of one of the most influential political families in Nigeria, received a warm reception to the Yola forum meeting by the Executive Governor of Adamawa State.

In his words, Adamawa State is overjoyed to be the site of this gathering. Here is a chance to welcome Nigeria. The forum has laboured ceaselessly to defend democracy, according to Governor Fintiri, especially in trying times.

“It is enormous because it has the numbers, effect, and potential to affect the polity and politics of this country.” He thinks the forum’s size is the most attractive thing.

Nigeria will keep progressing. No matter the size of parliament, Fintiri thinks it stands for democracy.

How well a democracy works depends on the amount of room for citizen participation. We have an obligation to aid in the nation’s development as former House of Assembly leaders.

Adamawa State and Nigeria would reap the benefits of democracy, according to Governor Fintiri.

The event’s coverage by the Finder Newspaper’s reporter revealed that the group’s cross-party membership is the source of its nonpartisan character.

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