Gowon Tells Nigerians to Give Tinubu Time to Get Results

Nigerians, according to former head of state Yakubu Gowon, should wait for President Bola Tinubu to address the country’s many problems.

Following his meeting with Tinubu in Aso Rock on Wednesday, Gowon spoke to state house media and stated that the president should not expect absolute outcomes after eight months in office.

According to Gowon, he reassured Tinubu not to be concerned by criticism and went on to say that the government is working hard to address the country’s many issues.

I believe the administration is making an effort to solve the country’s problems, although dealing with Nigerians can be challenging. There are others who have more knowledge than you.

I believe the people of Nigeria must allow the president the time he needs to accomplish his goals. My perspective is that it is premature to sort of declare the absolute result will be accomplished now,” Gowon stated.

Gowon, an ECOWAS founding father, revealed that he and the president had a conversation on the bloc’s recent crisis.

“Fortunately, this time he allowed me to meet with him so that we could talk about a lot of stuff, including the current ECOWAS situation, which I believe has to be resolved.

Because I am the only living founding father, I believe it is important that we talk about his plans to figure out how to get this under control.

“So, this is the reason I’m here, and our conversation was fascinating,” he remarked.

Additionally, the ex-head of state denied rumours that he was attempting to undermine ECOWAS’s efforts by declining to attend a press conference.

He vehemently denied the accusation, explaining that there had been a misunderstanding and that the president had instructed him on what to do at the meeting.

He promised to attend to some business later in the day at the ECOWAS offices.

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