Opinion: Governor Fintiri, the conciliator.

The 29th of February saw a courtesy visit from former governor Bala Ngilari to Governor Fintiri. However, many public assumptions and suspicions have been ignited by it.

To start, the connection between the two brothers was long and fraught with animosity.

Putting aside their disagreements and going their separate ways can be more understood if they think back on the good old days.

Supposedly, in 2007, when running for office, Governor Fintiri allied with Hon. J.J. Jilantikiri, the father of the incumbent Madagali representative, instead of the influential Bala Ngillari, who dominated politics in the Mubi senatorial zone at the time.

In spite of her animosity against the PDP for many years, Fintiri eventually switched parties, ran for reelection, and swiftly advanced the ranks to become speaker, majority leader, and deputy speaker.

Fintiri showed the highest respect to his elder brother, Governor Bala Ngillari, during their time together in politics. The former governor, Bala Ngillari, silently disagreed with “His younger brother” but always remained courteous.

According to reports, Fintiri allegedly demanded that Bala Ngillari step down from his position to avoid being impeached with his principal, former Governor Murtal H. Nyako (GCON), which led to their mutual respect. This decision caught his fellow legislators off guard.

The events of Thursday further highlight Fintiris’s reconciliatory tendency in his dealings with people of different social classes, religious persuasions, ethnic backgrounds, and creeds.

No amount of political pressure can, however, sever the bond that destiny has set between the two brothers. While he has been involved in politics for a long time, Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has consistently prioritised peace.

His connections to prominent persons, including as Senator Abdullazeez Nyako, Nuhu Ribadu, retired Admiral Mutala Nyako, former Governor Bindow Jibrilla, and his own son, made it clear.

It is hardly surprising that this skilled mediator may end up in a same predicament as Senator Aishatu Dahiru (Binani). No one can say what the future holds for Governor Fintiri.

In politics, there are no everlasting friends or enemies, only everlasting interests, as the latest episode between the two “brothers” in executive roles shows.

The fact that Governor Fintiri has ventured into politics multiple times shows that he knows how to bridge the gap between ideological differences and the necessity of accepting those who may have once opposed him but now recognise him as a friend.

Written by Solomon Kumangar,
Permanent secretary, Ministry for information and strategy


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